Microsoft Brings AI powered Copilot to its Business App Suite

Microsoft brings an AI powered Copilot to its business app suite

Hailed as the “next generation” of AI product updates, Microsoft brings an AI powered copilot to its business app suite. Microsoft announced new updates across its business app portfolio. The new updates will work on Power Platform, Microsoft’s set of low-code tools for building applications and workflows, and Dynamic 365. Microsoft also announced the launch of the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot. Microsoft brings an AI powered Copilot to its business app suite

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Dynamics 365 will be the world’s first copilot built-in CRM and ERP. The new Copilot will introduce new AI capabilities and natural language processing to Dynamic 365, which will help professionals create ideas and content faster, and finish tasks quickly and efficiently. AI powered copilot will also provide insights to business professionals to plan their next steps and actions.

  • Copilot in Dynamic 365 Sales and Viva Sales will help business owners with paperwork and other clerical tasks. The AI will be able to write emails and will be able to provide email summaries in Microsoft Teams via Outlook.
  • Copilot in Dynamic 365 Customer Service will help business owners to enhance their customer care services. The Copilot will be able to respond to various customer queries via chat and emails.
  • Other copilot features include Dynamic 365 Customer Insight and Dynamic 365 Marketing, which will help marketers in various ways, importantly in data exploration, content management, and audience segmentation.
  • Dynamic 365 Business Central will help professionals with product listing and e-commerce.

The Copilot updates are powered by AI startup OpenAI and are built using Azure OpenAI Services. The new Copilot features also the introduction of OpenAI text-generating AI models in Power Platform from previous years. Recently generative AI capabilities were also introduced in Viva Sales, a seller application built by Microsoft.

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Copilot will be included in existing Dynamics 365 applications such as Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise. After spending years advancing AI technologies finally Microsoft brings an AI powered Copilot to its business app suite. The company is looking at the new updates as a landmark moment for its AI technology and is looking forward to integrating generative AI in more of its products.

Source: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog, Official Microsoft Blog

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