Microsoft Announced New 1 TB Xbox Series S with Starfield Xbox Controller and Headset

Microsoft just concluded the 2023 Xbox Bethesda Showcase event that saw multiple announcements and reveals. However, along with new games and titles, consoles and Xbox gadgets remained among the highlight. At the same event, Microsoft announced a new Xbox Series S with 1 TB of in-built storage and the latest Starfield Xbox Controller and headset.

Microsoft Announced New 1 TB Xbox Series S and Starfield Xbox Controller and Headset

New Xbox Series S (Black) with 1 TB Storage Announced

The new Xbox Series S will come in an intimidating black cover, however, not many changes are made to the previous device which previously was only in white. The 1 TB storage new console will be available from September 1, 2023, and have a price tag of $349.

Xbox Series S 1TB
Pic Credit: Xbox Official

The new Xbox Series S was announced from the stage by the Xbox Chief, Phil Spencer, He also informed that the company has increased the production of Xbox Series X to meet the demand. Originally, Xbox Series S was launched with 512 GB internal storage and was priced at $299.

Starfield Limited Edition Controller and Headsets

Another important launch from the show saw, the much-anticipated Microsoft announcing Starfield Xbox Controller and Headset, it will join the line of controllers that were launched by the company following Xbox Series S and X in 2020.

Xbox Starfield Controller
Pic Credit: Xbox Official

Starfield limited edition controller is now available for purchase and costs $79.99, the design is inspired by the elements of Starfield. Priced at $124.99, Starfield limited edition headsets are also available for purchase now and are based on Xbox Wireless headphones.

Xbox Starfield Headset
Pic Credit: Xbox Official

Bethesda also announced a Starfield-branded watch that is a part of the collector’s edition version of the game. The watch is also available in the Starfield game, acting as a compass with environmental information for planets.

As Microsoft wraps Xbox Bethesda Showcase, it announced various new tech for the gaming world, but the new 1 TB Xbox Series S and Starfield Xbox Controller and headset remained one of the key highlights from the show.

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