Metroid Prime Remastered is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Finally available as a digital download, Metroid Prime Remastered is now available on Nintendo Switch, and also physically on 22nd Feb 2023. The original Prime, which debuted on the GameCube 20 years ago, was notable for how it transformed the brooding adventure of Super Metroid into a first-person game.

Metroid prime remastered is now available on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo revealed the news about the release of Metroid Prime Remaster on 8th feb 2023 in a tweet saying, “The original Metroid Prime has been remastered for Nintendo Switch! Explore Tallon IV from the perspective of Samus Aran & choose from new dual-stick controls or more traditional ones. Metroid Prime Remastered is out now on Nintendo eShop!”

Metroid prime remastered is now available on Nintendo Switch

The game’s story features a destroyed ship in orbit near the planet Tallon IV which sends out a distress signal to the interplanetary bounty hunter Samus Aran. After investigation finds that the frigate is a Space Pirate research vessel where horrifying experimentations using the enigmatic Phazon chemical are being conducted, Samus meets Meta Ridley, her archenemy, whom she chases to Tallon IV’s surface.

The Austin, Texas-based Retro team worked together on the game with Nintendo staffers in Japan, including producers Kensuke Tanabe and Shigeru Miyamoto, the latter of whom came up with the idea when visiting Retro’s offices in 2000.

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The following changes will be noticeable in the game for all users:

  • Improved graphics and sound
  • Intuitive motion aiming
  • Unlockable art
  • Updated control setup: dual-stick control

Metroid Prime Remastered is now available on Nintendo Switch and there is great expectation for this game. Long-time fans will be eager to try out the game, since in 2019, Metroid Prime 4, then under-development, was eventually rebooted.

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