Metroid Fusion will be Added to Nintendo Switch Online

Considered one of the most celebrated games on Game Boy Advance, Metroid Fusion will be added soon to Nintendo Switch Online and the Expansion Pack by next week.

Metroid Fusion will be Added to Nintendo Switch Online

The Metroid Fusion is going to be the first addition to the line of Game Boy Advance that is going to be launched via Nintendo Switch Online. In February 2022, it was revealed in Nintendo Direct that the Nintendo Switch online and Expansion Pack members we be able to access only some selected games of Game Boy Advance.

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The first wave of the selected games were Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, WarioWare, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, and Inc: Mega Microgames. According to Nintendo the schedule for the addition of new games of Game Boy Advance to Switch was not set leaving the Expansion pack members in the hope of the addition of new games.

The announcement that Metroid Fusion will be added to Nintendo Switch Online came in earlier today. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch Online on 9th March 2023. The announcement didn’t come as a big surprise as the fans already knew that Metroid Fusion will be the first game that is going to be there in the list of Game Boy Advance games on Nintendo Switch.

Metroid Fusion - Game Boy Advance - Nintendo Switch Online

The release date of the game on Nintendo Switch Online was revealed through a new trailer video on YouTube. The trailer has revealed highlights of the horror elements of the game. The horror elements are exemplified by the antagonist in the game known as the SAX enemy.

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Metroid Fusion is another game-on-Game Boy Advance that only got a few re-releases. The game was available on Wii U Virtual Console, it was one of the Game Boy Advance games that were available under the 3DS Ambassador Program. With this announcement, the fans can now hope and look forward to other re-releases such as Kirby and Amazing Mirror. These games will take the advantage of Nintendo Switch Online’s streamlined multiplayer.

Source: YouTube Trailer

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