Meta Verified Launches in India, Honoring Legacy Verified Badges Globally

In a recent announcement, Meta revealed the expansion of its paid verification system, Meta Verified, to India. The move follows the successful introduction of the program in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom after which it has been testing since January. Alongside the expansion, Meta confirmed its commitment to honoring the existing “legacy blue badge” globally for accounts that were verified before the launch of Meta Verified, based on the previous verification criteria.

Meta Verified Launches in India, Honoring Legacy Verified Badges Globally

Meta Verified in India

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, made the exciting announcement on his Instagram Broadcasts channel, detailing the availability of Meta Verified to all users in India. The subscription-based service provides Indian users with a range of benefits, including a verified badge, proactive account protection, and access to account support. By authenticating their accounts with a government ID, users can establish themselves as genuine and gain protection from impersonation.

Instagram Broadcasts channel of Mark Zuckerberg

Monthly Subscription Plans

Indian users can access Meta Verified through a monthly subscription plan on either Instagram or Facebook, priced at Rs 699. The subscription is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, Meta plans to introduce a web purchase option in the near future at a lower price of Rs 599 per month, expanding accessibility to a wider audience.

Monthly Subscription Plans to Meta Verified
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Honoring Legacy Verified Badges

Meta emphasizes its commitment to preserving the verified status of accounts that were verified prior to the introduction of Meta Verified. These accounts underwent a rigorous verification process and are more susceptible to impersonation. By retaining their verified badges, Meta aims to protect these accounts and ensure the authenticity of interactions with their followers.

Building a Safer Online Environment:

Meta Verified reinforces the company’s dedication to user safety by implementing a comprehensive authentication process. Eligible accounts must meet specific activity requirements, such as prior posting history, and applicants must be at least 18 years old. Government identification matching the account’s profile name and photo is also required for verification. The Meta Verified subscription includes proactive monitoring for account impersonation and continuous review of reported violations.

Future Plans and Vision

As Meta expands its subscription offerings, the company aims to create a valuable service for creators, businesses, and the wider community. By redefining the concept of verified accounts, Meta plans to extend access to verification, allowing more users to trust the authenticity of the accounts they engage with on Facebook and Instagram.

Indian users now have the opportunity to secure their accounts, gain a verified badge, and receive proactive protection from impersonation. With the commitment to honoring legacy verified badges globally, Meta reinforces its dedication to safeguarding the authenticity of interactions on its platforms.

Source: Meta Newsroom

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