Meta Unveils Upgraded Quest 2 and Pro Headsets with Enhanced Performance

At the start of this month, Mark Zuckerberg made an exciting announcement about the upcoming Meta Quest 3 VR headset, which is set to offer enhanced capabilities for users seeking an upgrade from the Quest 2. However, the release of the highly anticipated Quest 3 is scheduled for September. To bridge the gap, Meta has pledged to deliver a forthcoming upgrade that will significantly enhance the performance of both the Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets, ensuring continued hardware support for an extended period.

Meta Unveils Upgraded Quest 2 and Pro Headsets with Enhanced Performance

Meta has begun the rollout of the highly anticipated v55 update, implementing the promised changes. As part of this update, the Quest 2 headset will experience a remarkable 19 percent boost in GPU speed, while Quest Pro owners can expect an 11 percent increase. Additionally, both VR headsets will benefit from up to 26 percent enhanced CPU power, as confirmed by Meta. These performance upgrades are set to elevate the overall VR experience for users across the board.

According to Meta, the performance upgrades introduced in the v55 update will result in smoother game performance and a more responsive system user interface (UI) for users. The addition of Dynamic Resolution Scaling allows applications to utilize higher pixel density while maintaining consistent frame rates. Developers will have the opportunity to update their games and apps to leverage these performance gains. In a sample video shared by Meta, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is showcased with a higher resolution, showcasing the positive impact of the headset performance updates.

Exciting New Features Unveiled in Meta Quest v55 Update

Messenger Gets a Standalone VR App

This update introduces unified connectivity across various platforms, including 2D (mobile, web, desktop) and 3D surfaces. By utilizing voice commands, users can effortlessly interact with their loved ones or express themselves using personalized avatars. With Messenger, a diverse range of avatars is available, allowing customization with unique clothing, accessories, and hairstyles to accurately represent one’s identity in the virtual world.

New & Improved Explore

Discover an array of short-form videos, media content, and more, all conveniently accessible from a single location. Express your unique style with new Avatar digital outfits, enjoy your favorite shows and movies, and explore captivating Meta Horizon Worlds. By linking your Facebook or Instagram accounts to your Meta account through the Accounts Center, you can also stay up to date with Instagram and Facebook Reels, tailored to your passions and interests. The update is being gradually rolled out to ensure a seamless experience, so keep an eye out for its availability in the near future!

Adds Multi-Touch Support

The Quest Browser now supports multi-touch gestures, enabling you to effortlessly zoom in, zoom out, and interact with web elements using your Touch controllers or hands. Experience a more intuitive and immersive browsing experience as you navigate web pages, watch videos, and play games. Get ready to elevate your interaction with online content on the Meta Quest platform.

As Meta upgrades Quest 2 and Pro headsets, it has initiated the phased release of the latest update, ensuring that it will soon be available to all eligible devices. Users can look forward to experiencing the new features and enhancements as the update gradually reaches their devices. Stay tuned for the update’s arrival and enjoy the improved functionality on your Meta device in the near future.

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