Meta to Turbocharge Work on Generative AI with New Product Group

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta announced on Meta Channel the plans of Meta to turbocharge work on generative AI with new product group. The announcement comes after Meta launched LLaMA, its language model to speed up work in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. The idea behind it is “pulling together a lot of the teams working on generative AI across the company into one group.”

Meta to Turbocharge Work on Generative AI with New Product Group

With the earlier announcement of LLaMA one thing got clear Meta right now doesn’t have plans to hurry in the likes of OpenAI ChatGPT and Google Bard. Now it seems Meta is more focused on creating a better experience on its own platforms through these generative AI technologies. As Zuckerberg says, “We’re exploring experiences with text (like chat in WhatsApp and Messenger), with images (like creative Instagram filters and ad formats), and with video and multi-modal experiences.”

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Zuckerberg also put light on the company’s short-term and long-term plans. This includes “building creative and expressive tools” in short term and “developing AI personas” in the longer term. This points to the shift from its AI language model and is more concerned about Meta products like Instagram and Facebook.

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Meta also has launched two AI chatbots named Galactica and Blenderbot that were not up to the mark with its competitors. Zuckerberg has accepted that Meta “have a lot of foundational work to do before getting to the really futuristic experiences”. But he also showed his excitement about the new things that the company and community will build along the way.

Source: Meta Channel Instagram

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