META Introduces Quest 3 VR Headset

Meta officially introduces Quest 3 VR headset. Set to launch in the fall, the headset will be offered in a 128GB version priced at $499.99. This comes after the company CEO, Mark Zuckerberg shared a cryptic message on Meta channel that read, “Excited to share something we’ve been working on tomorrow.”

META Introduces Quest 3 VR Headset

Additionally, there will be an option for additional storage space, though the price for this has not been disclosed. Notably, the Quest 3 boasts a design that is 40 percent lighter compared to its predecessor, the Quest 2. Furthermore, it is equipped with a new Snapdragon chip that delivers two times better graphics performance. You can sign up for Quest 3 VR headset at Meta’s official page.

Mark Zuckerberg also shared a message on Meta’s Instagram broadcast Channel, where he shared a simple message, “Meet Quest 3” with a video real of the product. Zuckerberg later also shared a picture of himself wearing the headset.

Mark Zuckerberg Message

Starting from June 4, Meta has announced a significant price drop for the Quest 2 VR headset:

  • The 128GB version will now be priced at $299.99, following a $100 price drop.
  • The 256GB version will see an $80 reduction, bringing its price down from $429.99 to $349.99.

Meta’s announcement comes right before when Apple is also expected to introduce AR/VR headset at WWDC. The company further added that the headset will have an AAA adventure title and more details will be revealed at the Meta Connect Event which is scheduled for 27 September later this year.

As Meta introduces Quest 3 VR headset, it is evident that new development in the technologies will follow very soon. Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are also expected to follow the same path as they work towards providing more realistic and immersive experiences to their users.

Source: Meta Newsroom

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