Meta Announces New Facebook Reels Features Expanding Reels Length to 90 Seconds

With its new ventures into AI and Metaverse comes good news for all Facebook users as Meta announces new Facebook Reels features expanding Reels length to 90 seconds. Along with this Meta has also launched some great tools that will make Facebook Reels more creative. These also include the Grooves feature and new templates.

Meta Announces New Facebook Reels Features Expanding Reels Length to 90 Seconds

These features as such are not totally new as they were first released on Instagram seven months ago. This can be seen as an attempt from Facebook to test out the new features on Instagram first and then roll them out on Facebook. This also comes after TikTok launched a 10-minute reels feature on its platform which is being seen as its attempt to compete in the likes of YouTube.

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The first addition to the current features is Grooves Feature which has been on for quite some time on TikTok. As the name suggests this allows you to groove to the music without the headache of the video getting synced or not. With the use of visual beat technology, you can easily align and sync the motion to your favorite beat.

These features on Instagram were basically an attempt to counter the growth of TikTok in short video format. But Meta did avoid them on the Facebook platform for various reasons. But now as these features are doing way good on Instagram so taking them out on Facebook is a great idea to put an offensive on other short video platforms.

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New templates are another addition that has been on Instagram for quite some time. You can think of it as TikTok’s own templating issue. These will let you create reels with trending templates using the structure of whichever reel they like the most.

The last and most interesting feature is the Ready-made reels from Memories. This has been a part of Google photos for quite some time and ready-made reels using your old photos, videos, and activities are definitely a great addition to the line.

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