Meta Announces Drop in Prices of Meta Quest Pro and Quest 2

Mark Zuckerberg has announced on his Meta Channel a sudden slash in prices of its range of VR headsets including Meta Quest Pro and Quest 2. This comes in at a time when the company is trying to gain pace in the Artificial Intelligence sector.

Meta announces Drop in Prices of Meta Quest Pro and Quest 2

On the Meta Channel Zuckerberg announced, “We’re lowering the price of our leading VR headsets: Quest Pro to ~$999 and Quest 2 256GB ~$429 so more people can get into VR”. This means that the new pricing slash will be as follows:

  • Meta Quest 2 (256GB): From $499.99 to $429.99
  • Meta Quest Pro: From $1499.99 to $999.99

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The idea behind these price cuts seems to have been generated by the low sales in the year 2022. This might have led to an increasing inventory of its product because of its anticipated sales idea. Meta Quest Pro was only launched in October but that doesn’t justify the low sales even after being a high-end product. The earlier price of Quest Pro was $1499 which did put it out of reach for a huge part of consumers.

Meta Vr new prices insta

This drop in prices is said to take effect from the 5th of March in the United States and Canada. Everywhere else the effect will take from March 15th.

Moreover, as the company has cleared some of its plans to create a Metaverse therefore accessibility to its products has become a necessity that Meta is trying to fulfill. But since the launch of Quest Pro, the speed of its project has been lacking. This is also evident from the sales offer that the company is taking out since January which made Quest Pro prices drop to around $1100.

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Also, the company is said to be planning a new VR headset in 2024 therefore it becomes sensible for the company to clear out inventory as well as make a pathway for the new product that is not completely out of budget for its loyal audience.

Source: Meta Channel Instagram

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