Mastodon Introduces a Simpler Sign Up Process

Social media platform Mastodon introduces a simpler sign up process, it announced in a blog post. Now when a user signs up on the decentralized social media platform, the app will provide an option to create an account along with choosing an already existing server to join. 

Mastodon Introduces a Simpler Sign Up Process

The option to choose a server is what makes Mastodon’s core principle of Decentralisation feasible in reality. By introducing the new process, the app has also addressed a log time criticism, which mainly accused it of having a complicated signup process. Many users on the platform found the process overwhelming. After introducing a Simpler Sign Up Process, Mastodon is supposedly working on improving the discover feature and making the onboarding process smoother. The team is also working on moderation-related tools.

In their announcement, Mastodon Founder and CEO, Eugene Rochko wrote, “We know this is a completely new concept for many people, since traditionally the platform and the service provider are one and the same. This choice is what makes Mastodon different from existing social networks, but it also presents a unique onboarding challenge. To make this step easier, we now have a default sign-up option that works with a server we operate. If you wish to leave or join a different server, you can do so at any time.” 

Now, when a user opens the app, they will be given the option to Join or to Pick my own server.

Join or to Pick my own server | Mastodon Introduces a Simpler Sign Up Process

It is important to note that Mastodon, with the help of migrating Twitter users, recently crossed a billion posts monthly.  The announcement of a simpler sign up process comes as a relief for its over a million users on Android devices, who will greatly benefit from the new feature. Rochko also resonated with the feeling by stating, “This gives us a far better chance of showcasing what decentralized social networks have to offer instead of having that person bounce and never hearing from them again.”

Source: Official Mastodon Blog

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