Koji New Tool Lets Creators Sell E-books on Social Media

Koji New Tool that Lets Creators Sell E-books on Social Media

Koji a platform famous for its link-in-bio feature has come with Koji new tool lets creators sell e-books on social media platforms like Instagram. This announcement was made by Koji on 1st March 2023 and the tool is now available on Koji website.

Koji New Tool that Lets Creators Sell E-books on Social Media

This new e-book selling tool is said to be of great use for the creators that suggest new books as well as reviews. They will now be able to attach the e-book link of whatever book they are talking about. This will help boost the e-book cycle benefitting everyone involved in the process. The reviewer will get a commission from the publishing house and Koji will benefit from taking a part of commission on every item sold.

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Koji is famous for helping social media influencers from the most renowned to the lesser known in selling anything they want to. This is done with the use of countless templates launched by Koji at small intervals. The famous ones of these include Sell A Workout, Watch Party, Exclusive Article, and Sell A Service. Other categories of templates include Collect Donations, Affiliate Tools, Community Templates, and Own Your Audience.

This Koji new tool lets creators sell E-books on social media comes in at right time with the escalating popularity of e-readers and e-books. The number of individuals preferring this technological shift to reading is also growing at a fast pace.

Koji is not the only company involved in link-in-bio tools but with the type of services it provides it is sure to make some great advances ahead. It is a great pace for a platform that was launched in March 2021. The company’s founders Dmitry Shapiro and Sean Thielen have brought the company a long way indeed.

The process of buying an e-book online includes the ability to download and view the downloaded file in Koji’s own reader itself. This can also be done in another e-reader of preferred choice as well as a format such as EPUB, Mobi, PDF, etc. The interesting thing is Koji already had an e-book template since last year but what it has done is to add some great features to the older version of the template. These new features include adding an option to put in reviews and to see a preview of some chapters in a book before making the full payment. The transaction fee in the monetization column is 10% per transaction.

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What makes Koji different from its competitors is the analytics access that it provides to its customers. Here you have a seller dashboard where you can check out varying parameters such as earnings as well as customer’s location, what they bought, and the list of top buying customers. Also, users are able to reposition the most important links and info to the top of the link-in-bio page with video and gif backgrounds.

Source: Koji Website

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