Instagram New Feature to Decrease Screen Time of Teens

Quite mode featured

19th Jan 2023 witnessed the announcement of Instagram new feature to decrease screen time of teens. This feature will help people to enjoy some free time without any notifications as it will get rid of unwanted posts, and hide unnecessary reels, direct messages etc. This will make the app customizable as per user’s needs and allow them to manage flexible screen time. As of now, these features will work only in few selected countries and will be later expanded worldwide.

Quite mode featured

The most important feature is the Quiet mode. Instagram explains that they were mainly concerned about teenagers’ screen time which prompted them to turn on quiet mode late nights. This new Instagram feature to decrease screen time of teens works for all other types of users as well. It can be scheduled for a certain period of time every day or can be turned on, whenever needed.

  • Enabling quiet mode turns off notifications from the app, auto-replies and additionally, provides you a summary of the notifications when you get back.
  • Once you enable it, it even sets a status on your account asIn quiet mode” visible to others.

The selected countries where this feature has been launched include the US, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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How to Enable Quite Mode on Instagram

You can enable Quiet mode feature on Instagram as follows:

1. Tap three-dashed icon or hamburger menu from the top-left corner in Profile tab.

2. Open Settings and open Notifications.

3. Here, toggle on Quite Mode under Pause all section as depicted below.

Apart from quiet mode, other new features include:

  • hide feature for multiple suggestions from explore page,
  • hide feature for posts that contain selected words/phrases,and
  • improved parental control tools that will notify the parent when a teen updates any setting or blocks an account.

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