Instagram Launches New Broadcast Chat Feature Called Channels

Mark Zuckerberg announced on 16 February 2023 that Meta is launching a new Instagram broadcast chat feature called Channels. The feature will allow users to share public one-to-many messages with their followers. Instagram Channels will support texts, images, polls, reactions, and other messaging formats. The news that Instagram launches a new broadcast chat feature called Channels was also shared by Zuckerberg on the official Instagram Meta Channel. He also added that he will be announcing further Meta updates via the official Instagram channel.

Instagram Launches New Broadcast Chat Feature Called Channels

Instagrammers can use the broadcast channel feature to keep their followers up to date and show them behind-the-scenes footage. However, only Instagram creators will be able to post on their broadcast channels, and their followers will be able to react to the content and participate in polls.

Instagram launches a new broadcast chat feature called Channels

Instagram also plans to expand and add more features to the broadcast channel in the coming months. Some of the possible upcoming features include the ability to invite other creators to the broadcast for collaborations and to be able to collect questions for quick AMAs with various question prompts. For now, Meta has only announced the feature for Instagram, but in the coming months, the company also plans to introduce a similar feature for the Messenger and Facebook apps.

Until now, users could only update their followers with Instagram stories, but now with the broadcast feature on Instagram, creators will have a more personal approach when interacting with their followers. The feature will also help creators get feedback for their content on Instagram.

Once a creator gets access to the broadcast channel on Instagram, they will be able to send a message to all their followers, which will provide a one-time notification to join the channel. When a channel goes live on Instagram, a creator can also ask their followers to join the channel with Instagram story stickers. Moreover, everyone on Instagram will be able to see a broadcasting channel, and only the followers of a specific creator will be able to join their broadcasting channel. Followers will also be able to leave or mute a channel whenever they like.

As of now, Instagram launches a new broadcast chat feature called Channels as a trial in the United States and has included a group of Instagram creators for the trial. It is certain that in the coming months, the feature will be available to everyone.

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Source: Messenger Newsroom

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