Instagram Strikes Back: Allowing Users to Download Public Reels to Take on TikTok

Starting today, Instagram is allowing users to download public Reels, marking a significant shift in the platform’s approach to short-form video content. The highly anticipated feature, unveiled by Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, via the IG updates Instagram channel, promises to revolutionize the way users engage with and share Reels.

Instagram Strikes Back: Allowing Users to Download Public Reels to Take on TikTok

With a simple tap of the share icon and a selection of the “Download” option, U.S.-based users can now save public Instagram Reels directly to their devices. This update caters to the desires of countless Instagram enthusiasts who have long yearned for the ability to enjoy Reels offline or share them with friends, family, and followers via other apps and social media platforms.

Instagram Download Feature
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This move by Instagram is seen as a direct response to the competition posed by TikTok, a platform that has long allowed users to download videos.

Here’s what you need to know about this exciting new feature:

  • Download Reels from Any Public Account: Users can now download not only their own Reels but also those created by other public accounts.
  • Convenient Storage in the Camera Roll: Downloaded Reels will be automatically saved to the user’s camera roll, ensuring easy access.
  • Sharing with Ease: Once downloaded, Reels can be shared effortlessly with others via various apps and social media platforms.
  • Privacy Settings: While the ability to download Reels is a boon for many, Instagram has taken user privacy seriously. Public accounts retain control over whether or not their Reels can be downloaded, offering flexibility and choice for content creators who wish to limit access to their creations.

IG updates Instagram Channel

Instagram users have eagerly awaited this update, which is set to transform the way they engage with the platform’s rich video content. With the competition between Instagram and TikTok heating up, this move promises to level the playing field and solidify Instagram’s position as a premier destination for short-form video sharing.

Source: IG Updates Instagram Channel

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