Hyper Light Breaker Official Gameplay Trailer Released

Hyper Light Breaker’s Official Gameplay Trailer Released

Hyper Light Breaker official gameplay trailer released on Tuesday. Gamers can access the game as it is available for early access on Steam. Hyper Light Breaker is a 3D action-adventure packed game and a follow-up to the hit Hyper Light Drifter.

Hyper Light Breaker’s Official Gameplay Trailer Released

Hyper Light Drifter is famous for the 2D action juggling between melee and ranged combat, and from the trailer, it has been assumed that the same combat will carry forward the action into a more expansive gaming experience.

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Breaker is set in both procedurally and handcrafted generated environments, unlike Drifter which is a 2D game. It is more of a roguelike and can be played with a friend just like Drifter. In the trailer, we can see the art design in the Breaker with creative architecture and vibrant colors. The art design looks awesome.

To some fans the trailer is giving the vibe of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and especially when the main character glides over to a dilapidated building using a paraglider. The early access to the game is basically a delay from the originally announced timetable.

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As Hyper Light Breaker’s official gameplay trailer released on IGN’s official YouTube channel, we can assume that this year is going to be great for roguelikes. We might get the early access release of Hades II and moreover Castlevania-inspired Dead Cells expansion is excellent too.

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