How to Use Minecraft Colors Codes

Minecraft is one of those games where the creativity of players can leave you awestruck. The freedom of building and playing with others with huge community-driven support is what makes this game as popular as it was at the time of its launch. One of these features is the Minecraft rainbow color code that enables players to change text color for signboards. The text color is black by default. Since signs can be made of any type of wood, some type of wood may result in signboard text being unreadable. In this article, we are going to tell you how to change Minecraft colors codes, as needed.

How to Use Minecraft Colors Codes

How to Use Minecraft Colors Codes

One of the main aspects of Minecraft is explored in the creative mode of the game which gives free reins to the players.

  • YouTube is filled with videos of players making and repairing outrageous things like Bow in Minecraft.
  • Recently, a Library created in Minecraft server was in news for being the torchbearer for journalism freedom across the globe. It is a huge structure where many players add content that is otherwise condemned or censored due to the laws of their country.

This all represents the vast nature of what Minecraft stands for in the gaming community and how many things are explored and added to the game sever on a routine basis.

For changing the text color for signs in Minecraft you need to use the Section symbol (§).

  • This symbol is used to declare the color of the text.
  • It is to be entered before typing the text for the sign.

This symbol is not commonly found and hence you cannot find it on your keyboard. To get this symbol, you have to press-hold Alt key and use the Numpad to enter 0167. After you release the Alt key, you will see the Section symbol.

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List of Minecraft Colors Codes

To get Minecraft colors text, you need to enter the specific code for the color you want for the text of the sign. We have compiled a table to make it easier to find all codes in one place.

Color Minecraft color code
Dark Red §4
Red §c
Gold §6
Yellow §e
Dark Green §2
Green §a
Aqua §b
Dark Aqua §3
Dark Blue §1
Blue §9
Light Purple §d
Dark Purple §5
White §f
Gray §7
Dark Gray §8
Black §0

Hence, these are Minecraft colors codes for you to use.

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How to Use Color Code in Minecraft

Now after knowing Minecraft rainbow color codes, you can try it out yourself.

1. First, place a Sign in Minecraft.

2. Enter Text Editor mode.

3. Enter the Color code using the table given above and write the Desired text.

Note: Do not leave any space in between the code and the text you want to show on the sign.

minecraft village. How to change Minecraft colors codes

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Examples of Colored Signs in Minecraft

Some examples to use Minecraft colors codes are listed below.

Option 1: Single-line Text

If you want to write, Welcome to in red color, then type the following command:

§cWelcome to

Option 2: Multiple-line Text

If your text spills over to the next line, then you have to insert the color code before the remaining text as well:

§cWelcome to

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Pro Tip: Text Formatting Styles

Apart from changing the color of the text, you can use other formatting styles like Bold, Italics, Underline, and Strikethrough. Here are the codes to do so:

Formatting style Minecraft Style code
Bold §l
Strikethrough §m
Underline §n
Italic §o

So if you want your sign to read Welcome to in bold in red color, type the following command:

Option 1: Single-line Text

§c§lWelcome to

Option 2: Multiple-line Text

§c§lWelcome to 


Minecraft is an open universe in which you can create almost anything, if you are creative enough. We hope this article helped you how to use Minecraft colors codes to change the text color for signs in Minecraft and enrich your Minecraft experience. We would love to hear your suggestions and questions in the comment section below. You can also reach out to us for letting us know what topic you want us to cover next. Till then, Game On!

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