How to Unblock Someone on Reddit

Learn how to unblock someone on Reddit and regain access to their posts or comments with a few simple steps.

Reddit is a social media platform where users can interact with each other via chat, comments, and more. Sometimes you get into a heated argument with fellow Redditors and end up blocking them. However, you might regret it later and want to reconnect. If you are looking for a way to unblock any of your friends, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will show you simple steps on how to unblock someone on Reddit mobile and desktop.

How to unblock someone on reddit

How to Unblock Someone on Reddit

Reddit distinguishes itself as a topic-oriented platform, setting it apart from other social media platforms that primarily focus on friendships and social interactions. Nevertheless, the open nature of Reddit can sometimes lead to differences in opinions, which may result in the need to block someone. If you find yourself in such a situation, we have provided a comprehensive guide below on how to unblock a person on Reddit and reestablish your connection.

Can I Block Someone on Reddit?

Yes, you can block someone on Reddit by visiting their profile, but you can add only 1000 people to your blocked list. Once you reach this limit, you need to unblock any Redditors before blocking any new users. Once you block any users, they cannot see or comment on your profile or post, and even you cannot access their profile. Your username will show as deleted to them.

Note: If both of you are in the same group, you cannot block him or her from there; they can still interact with you on group chat.

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How to Unblock Someone on Reddit Mobile

If you blocked someone mistakenly or you have reached the limit of 1000 blocked users, here is a brief explanation of how you can unblock someone on Reddit from your smartphone:

1. Go to the Reddit app on your device.

2. Tap on your Avatar in the top-right corner of your screen.

3. Now, choose the Settings option from the bottom.

Tap on Settings

4. Tap on your username below Account Settings.

Tap on your username

5. Scroll to the Blocking and Permissions section, and from there, choose Manage blocked accounts.

Tap on Manage blocked accounts

6. After that, tap on the unblock button next to the user profile (whom you want to remove from blocking).

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How to Unblock Someone on Reddit Desktop

You can unblock someone on Reddit from your desktop by following these simple steps.

Note: Once you unblock any user, they can start interacting with you; they can contact you or comment on your post.

1. Launch the Reddit website on your desktop and click on your username in the top-right corner of your screen.

2. Next, click on the User Settings option.

Click on User Settings

3. After that, click on the Safety & Privacy tab.

Safety & Privacy section

By following this process, you will see a list of all blocked users below the people you’ve blocked.

4. Click on the Remove button next to the blocked profile to unblock him/her.

Through this process, blocked users will be unblocked.

In this article, we have given complete information and steps on how to unblock someone on Reddit. We hope all your queries are cleared. If you still have any doubts or suggestions for us, then leave them in the comments section. And let us know about what topic you want to learn next from us. 

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