How to Restart Snapchat on iPhone 11

With a simple restart, make Snapchat work smoothly and glitch-free.

Like other applications, Snapchat can encounter occasional glitches and issues. Restarting the app is a crucial step in resolving such issues, and fortunately, there are multiple ways to do so. If you are unsure about how to restart Snapchat on iPhone 11 or 12, this guide offers effective methods to help you accomplish it successfully.

How to Restart Snapchat on iPhone 11

How to Restart and Refresh Snapchat on iPhone 11

Snapchat, a widely used social media app, often encounters technical glitches due to its massive user base. Restarting the app is a reliable solution to tackle these issues. In the following document, we provide detailed instructions on various methods to restart Snapchat and effectively address any technical glitches you may encounter.

Does Snapchat Work on iPhone 11

Yes, Snapchat works seamlessly on iPhone 11 and other iOS versions. Additionally, an exciting Snapchat feature is now available specifically for iPhone 11 users, granting them access to the ultrawide camera for capturing a broader perspective in their snaps.

Whether it’s an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, there are some effective fixes that you can try for both Apple devices to get minor errors resolved. In the methods explained below, you will find step-by-step instructions, ensuring a seamless troubleshooting experience.

Method 1: Restart Device

The best possible way to restart Snapchat is by starting your Apple phone again. In case of temporary settings issues within the app, powering off the device and then turning it on helps a lot. You refer to our guide on How to Restart iPhone X to get more help.

Restart Device

Method 2: Update Snapchat

Another effective method to restart Snapchat is by updating the app. Many common issues encountered on Snapchat are often caused by using an outdated version. Old versions can be susceptible to glitches and other problems. Therefore, try updating the app from the App Store by following these steps:

1. Open the App Store on your iPhone and tap on the profile icon.

Tap on the profile icon | How to restart Snapchat on iPhone 11

2. Scroll down and find Snapchat in the list.

3. Tap on the UPDATE button for Snapchat, if available.

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Method 3: Clear Snapchat Cache

Cache in the Snapchat app builds up with time and saves data from junk files, bugs, or corrupt data. This cache can become a culprit behind app lagging or other issues for which you need to restart Snapchat. Learn more about how to clear Snapchat cache on iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 with these steps:

1. Open the Snapchat app and tap on the profile icon at the top.

Tap on the profile icon

2. Tap on the Settings gear icon at the top.

3. Scroll down and tap on Clear Data.

Tap on Clear Data

4. Finally, tap on Clear Cache.

 Tap on Clear Cache

Method 4: Offload Snapchat

The next fix to restart Snapchat on iPhone 11 involves offloading the app. This not only frees up storage used by the app but also keeps your documents and data intact. To offload Snapchat and restart it, follow these steps:

1. Open the General tab in iPhone Settings.

2. Tap on iPhone Storage.

Tap on iPhone Storage | How to restart Snapchat on iPhone 11

3. From the list, open Snapchat.

4. Finally, tap on Offload App.

Tap on Offload App

Regardless of the issue you encounter, restarting Snapchat proves to be a reliable solution for minor problems. We trust that you are now well-versed with various methods on how to restart Snapchat on iPhone 11. Feel free to share your valuable suggestions and queries below.

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