How to Reset AirPods on Android

Refresh your listening experience with this trick up your sleeve!

We all love the wireless freedom that comes with AirPods. You can listen to music on the go with no strings attached. However, sometimes they refuse to sync. In such cases, resetting your AirPods can offer several benefits like resolving connectivity issues, improving sound quality, and fixing syncing problems. We bring a helpful guide to teach you how to reset AirPods on Android. So, keep reading till the end!

How to Reset AirPods on Android

How to Reset AirPods on Android

Enhance your music experience by resetting your AirPods and getting them back in sync with your Android device. Additionally, enjoy your calls, podcasts, and music without any hitches.

Can I Reset AirPods on Android?

Yes, absolutely! You can reset your AirPods in Android by following the steps below:

Note: Since smartphones don’t have the same Settings options, they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Hence, ensure the correct settings before changing any on your device. The steps were performed on OnePlus Nord 5G.

1. Put AirPods in the case and then close the lid.

2. Wait for 30 seconds.

3. Open the case and put on the AirPods.

4. Open Settings on your device and tap on Bluetooth.

tap on Bluetooth

5. Tap on the i icon next to the AirPods.

Tap on the i icon next to the AirPods

6. Tap on Unpair.

Tap on Unpair

7. Now, put the AirPods in the case and keep the lid open.

8. Press and hold the Setup button on the case and wait for 15 seconds.

Once you see the case’s LED light flashing and then turning white, your AirPods are reset.

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How to Reset AirPods Pro on Android

airpods pro | how to reset AirPods on Android

Resetting AirPods Pro in Android is a similar procedure as resetting AirPods. Follow the above-mentioned steps to reset your AirPods Pro in Android.

How to Reset AirPods on Samsung

To reset your AirPods on a Samsung device, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Note: The below steps are performed on Samsung Galaxy F22.

1. Open Settings on your Samsung device and choose Connections.

Tap on Connections

2. Tap on Bluetooth.

Tap on Bluetooth

3. Now, find your AirPods in the paired devices list and tap on the settings icon next to it.

tap on the settings icon | how to reset AirPods on Android

4. Tap on Unpair.

Tap on Unpair

5. Put the AirPods back into the charging case and then close the lid.

6. After waiting for about 15 seconds, open the lid of the charging case.

7. Go back to the Bluetooth settings on your Samsung device and put your AirPods into pairing mode.

8. Your AirPods will now appear in the list of available devices. Choose your Airpods name and tap on Pair.

tap on Pair

And that’s it! You will be able to reset your AirPods Pro on Samsung. If your AirPods Pro is still pausing, check out our guide on AirPods Pro Keep Pausing: Main Causes and Fixes.

How to Reset Fake AirPods on Android

The process of resetting fake AirPods is almost the same. Let’s have a look at the procedure to reset them:

1. Make sure that both earbuds are present in the case.

Note: Remember, if any of the earbuds are missing, the resetting process will be unable to start.

put airpods in case | how to reset AirPods on Android

2. Ensure that the earbuds and charging case are both fully charged. Keep an eye on the charging level of both to make the resetting process successful.

3. Now, search for the button on the case. Generally, fake AirPods buttons are present at the backside of the case. It has a built-in case and is mostly of the same color.

4. Press and hold the button for at least 15-20 seconds.

5. Ensure that the charging lid is open when you are doing the resetting process. If it is closed, the AirPods will not start resetting.

If the charging light starts blinking, it means that the resetting or charging started. If the light does not blink, you will not be able to reset the AirPods. 

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Resetting AirPods on Android can be really beneficial as it’s a great way to troubleshoot any connectivity issues. Go ahead and give it a try as it’s a simple process that can make a big difference in your AirPods experience. We hope you now know how to reset AirPods on Android. Keep visiting our site for more information or leave your queries below.

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