How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Cyber-attacks have become more prominent and frequent. These attacks can be experienced all over the internet by anyone. One such cyber-attack is ransomware which is also popularly known as encryption Trojan. On attacking your device, this software encrypts the data or locks your operating system. By taking your data or file as a digital hostage, a ransom is demanded its release. So, to avoid this problem and neglect the chances of your important data getting into the hands of ransomware, it is essential to know How to prevent ransomware. In today’s guide, along with learning about ransomware prevention, you will also get familiar with How to prevent spyware attacks on different devices. Also, we have shown how to prevent Spyware on iPhone. So, without further delay, let us get into detail on these cyber-attacks and their prevention.

How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

It is important to protect your system from getting infected with ransomware. This can be done by performing several security measures and by taking some precautions as stated below:

1. Do Not Disclose Personal Information

Disclosing your personal information is the first mistake that can put you at risk of ransomware. Cybercriminals can collect your personal information with the help of phishing messages sent to you as text messages, emails, or even calls. So, avoid responding to such a message from an untrusted source that requests your personal information.

2. Avoid Opening Suspicious Emails

To know How to prevent ransomware, avoid opening any strange or suspicious emails. Usually, ransomware finds its way to your device through email attachments. Therefore, on receiving an unknown email, pay close attention to the sender and avoid opening attachments. If the attachment is infected, opening it will give malware control to your system.

3. Keep your System Up to Date

You must update your system with its newest version to avoid malware attacks. The latest security patches in the system updates can help prevent ransomware as it makes it harder for cybercriminals to exploit your system vulnerabilities.

4. Do Not Click on Unsafe Links

If you are wondering How to prevent ransomware and its attack, avoid clicking on links attached to spam messages or on unknown websites. Clicking the infected links can lead to your system being infected.

5. Do Not Use Unknown USB Sticks

You must also avoid using unknown USB sticks or similar storage media devices as they may contain infected software that can corrupt your device with malware.

6. Use Trusted Download Sources

Downloading files from unknown sources or websites can lead you into trouble as they might be infected with malware. Therefore, you must only rely on trusted and verified download sources.

7. Use VPN Services

Finally, you can also learn How to prevent ransomware by using VPN services on public Wi-Fi networks. This is because using a public data network puts your computer in a vulnerable situation where it might get attacked with ransomware. Therefore, to avoid malware attacks, do not use public Wi-Fi for sensitive transactions or use a VPN service to mask your IP address.

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How to Prevent Spyware Attacks

Spyware attacks involve malicious software spying on your internet activities, recording keystrokes, and collecting your personal information, including credit or debit card details, login credentials, and passwords to social media handles. Therefore, you must keep your device secure by following some helpful tips given below:

1. Stay Clear of Free Adware

Adware is standard on the internet. While some of it is legitimate, other adware can contain malicious applications. Therefore, you must be wary of free adware and try not to click it without verifying it.

2. Beware of Pop-Ups

Online pop-ups appear out of the blue while surfing the internet, especially if you are using your browser for some research. It would help if you avoided such pop-ups by not responding to them. Also, avoid clicking on the cancel or close buttons on such pop-ups.

3. Avoid Downloading Email Attachments

The next tip to help you learn to prevent spyware attacks is to avoid downloading email attachments. Most email attachments from unknown email addresses are infected with Spyware. Therefore, trust only the verified email attachments and avoid unknown senders.

4. Use Antivirus Solution

You can also use an antivirus solution for your device to prevent malware attacks. Using a multi-layered antivirus solution will help detect the presence of malware on your device and help you remove it.

5. Keep System Up-to-Date

The updated operating system of the device keeps you protected from all types of malware attacks. While an outdated system is vulnerable to cyberattacks, an updated device keeps hackers at bay.

6. Get Browser Sandbox Protection

You can also get browser sandbox protection to prevent your device from a spyware attack. Using browser sandbox protection takes your internet browser into a virtual environment which keeps all the downloaded files on the browser isolated and blocked from causing any damage to the actual computer.

7. Turn On Pop-Up Blocker

Another way to know How to prevent spyware attacks is by turning on a pop-up blocker on your device. This way, you will be able to block pop-up ads. You can turn this feature on for specific websites that may require popups for some functions.

8. Disable Autorun Feature

Finally, you must disable the autorun feature on your device to prevent a spyware attack. Autorun feature is one of the most common ways of malware attacks.

Next, we will discuss how to prevent adware.

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How to Prevent Adware

Adware is a common occurrence on the internet that might contain some malicious programs meant to corrupt your device. You can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of such an adware attack by keeping in mind a few simple points given below:

1. Use Antivirus and Anti-Malware Tools

Viruses and malware have become highly advanced with time, as have anti-virus and antimalware tools. By downloading these tools, you can keep your device and network protected. These tools will help you prevent viruses or malware downloads and scan your computer for some strange programs.

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Use Antivirus and Anti-Malware Tools

2. Avoid Freeware and Shareware

The next step in preventing adware involves avoiding freeware and shareware on your device. As freeware and shareware are familiar sources of adware, pop-ups, and notices, it is best not to click on them. Also, you must be aware of free apps as they can contain malware too.

3. Read before you Accept

Next, you must read all the conditions carefully before downloading an app or software online. Offering permissions without reading can put you and your device at risk of a privacy breach. Therefore, carefully go through all the terms and conditions before accepting them.

4. Download from Reliable Sources

Whether you use an Android, iOS, or Windows PC, it is always advisable to download apps and other programs from trusted sources only, including Google Play Store, App Store, and Microsoft Store.

5. Use a Trusted Ad-Blocker

Another way to know how to prevent adware is by using a trusted ad-blocker on your device. Using an ad-blocker prevents advertisements from displaying on your browser. You can find a suitable ad-blocker with the help of our guide on 15 Best Adblock Browsers for Android (2022).

Use a Trusted Ad Blocker. how to prevent Spyware on iPhone

6. Buy Reputable Devices

Sometimes, malware like adware comes pre-installed on devices bought from untrustworthy sources. So, before buying a phone or a PC, make sure you are choosing a reliable source.

How to Prevent Spyware on Android

Spyware on your Android device can come in any form. It can infect your mobile phone and steal your personal information in seconds. You can prevent this from happening to your Android phone by following the tips listed below:

1. Keep your Mobile OS Updated

Installing regular updates is the first and easiest way to keep your Android phone free of Spyware. Updating your OS will keep malware away from exploiting unpatched flaws. You can read our guide on How To Manually Update Android To Latest Version for more.

Keep your Mobile OS Updated. how to prevent Spyware on iPhone

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2. Use Appropriate Security Software

Another way to know how to prevent Spyware on Android is by using appropriate and reliable security software. Using security software will help you limit the browser extensions, and apps users can install.

3. Use a Layered Defense

Spyware programs have advanced with time and tend to overcome security software very easily. Therefore, you should use a layered defence to use antispyware and antimalware combined with an endpoint detection and response system.

4. Be Educated

The most crucial part that can help you know how to prevent Spyware on Android is being educated about Spyware and avoiding it at any cost. Users must pay close attention to permissions and access given to browser extensions. You must also download apps and other files from trusted sources only.

Read the next section to know how to prevent Spyware on iPhone.

How to Prevent Spyware on iPhone

If you think your iPhone is struggling with its performance and is slowing down, then there are some easy steps to prevent Spyware from your device.

1. Secure your iPhone against Physical Access

Spyware is malware that can infect your iPhone by physical access or remotely via a malicious app or program. Therefore, to know how to prevent Spyware on iPhone, secure your iPhone against physical access by using long and unique passwords and two-factor authentication for all your accounts and personal data.

2. Download a Security App

Another tip to help you know how to prevent Spyware on iPhone is downloading a security app. This is especially for cases where you must browse on public Wi-Fi or encrypt personal photos.


This brings us to the end of our guide on How to prevent ransomware. We hope you can figure out different ways of preventing ransomware, adware, and Spyware on different devices. If you have more queries or want to give us your suggestions, then contact us by leaving your comments below.

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