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How to Play Genshin Impact : Beginner’s Guide

Climb mountains, team up with friends, and explore seven nations in this thrilling multiplayer game.

Genshin Impact is a fun multiplayer game developed by miHoYo in 2020. It’s become very popular, especially among smartphone users, earning an A category rating from gamers. Considering how interesting the game is, if you also want to play Genshin Impact on a big screen like PC, read to know how!

how to play genshin impact

How to Play Genshin Impact

In this game, you can climb mountains, team up with friends, and do lots of exciting stuff. If you want to explore the seven nations with your friends, we’ll show you how to play Genshin Impact together. Keep reading to find out how!

Before you play the game, you must download it. To do so, check the minimum system requirements that your PC must fulfill. If your PC meets the requirement, download the game on your device using the Genshin Impact download steps that are given below:

1. Navigate to the Genshin Impact official page.

2. Next, tap on PC Download to install the .exe file of the game.

pc download

3. Now, open the downloaded file .exe files of the game by right clicking on the folder and selecting Run as administrator.

run as adminstrator

4. After that, click on Get Game.

Wait for the installation to get completed.

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How to Play Genshin Impact on PC

To play the discussed game, you need to download it first. You can download it using the steps listed in the Genshin Impact PC download steps. Once you download the game, create an account. We have provided the keys that you can use while playing the game.

Move backwardS
Move forwardW
Move rightD
Move left A
Switch run/walkLeft Ctrl
Normal AttackLeft mouse button
Elemental burstQ
Elemental skillE
SprintRight mouse button
Switch aiming modeR
Drop (while climbing)X
Quick-use gadgetZ
Interaction in certain gameplay modesT
Abandon challengeP
Quest navigationV
Switch to party 11
Switch to party 22
Switch to party 33
Switch to party 44
Switch to party 55
Switch to party member and use elemental burstLeft Alt + Switch to party member
Open Paimon menuEsc
Open shortcut wheelTab
Open Co-Op screenF2
Check tutorial details G
Open chat screen Enter
Open environment informationU
Open map M
Open the furnishing screen (inside Serenitea Port)F6
Open inventoryB
Open character screenC
Show cursorLeft Alt
Open notification detailsY
Open friends screenO
Open party setup screenL
Open quest menuJ
Open the adeptal mirror (inside Serenitea pot)F7
Open the event menuF5
Open battle pass screenF4
Open adventurer handbook screenF1
Open wish screenF3
Open battle pass screenF4

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How to Play Genshin Impact with Friends

To enjoy the game with your friends, follow these steps:

1. Open the Paimon menu.

2. Click on Friends.


3. Here, Search and add friends by UID. After you enter the UID, click on the Search button.

search genshin impact

4. Now, send the friend request and wait until your friend accepts your request.

5. After that, go to My Friends tab.

6. Select Request to join.

Now, you can play the game with your friends.

We hope this guide has been useful, and you’re now familiar with playing Genshin Impact on PC. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments, and we will gladly assist you. Tell us what you would like to learn next too!

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