How to Make Zoom Better Using its Best Apps

Unlock the full potential with top add-ons for enhanced communication.

Zoom is one of the most used virtual meeting platforms. After rising to fame during the lockdowns, Zoom has become one of the organizations’ first choices for scheduling meetings and reaching out to remote clients. However, using the standard Zoom interface can be boring and repetitive. Therefore, many users wonder how to make Zoom better using its best apps as add-ons. If you are wondering the same thing, this is the perfect guide. Here, we will discuss the 30 best Zoom apps for meetings that you can install as add-ons to enhance the application experience.

How to Make Zoom Better Using its Best Apps

How to Make Zoom Better Using its Best Apps

The Zoom apps which are used as add-on apps in the Zoom app itself help the users elevate the meeting experience in every way possible. Users can use the various tools while being in the Zoom meeting to utilize the meeting time to the fullest.

Add-on apps on Zoom can be used for:

  • Note-taking
  • Slide presentations
  • Summarizing meetings
  • Creating and saving meeting transcriptions
  • Playing games and quizzes
  • Creating polls, etc.

Quick Answer

You can use any of the following apps to enhance Zoom performance: Mmhmm, Funtivity, Slack, Gmail, Grain, Survey Monkey, and many more.

These apps indeed help the Zoom participants to fulfill the meeting agenda and get more from the time invested during the session. Read the upcoming section to find the various Zoom add-on applications that will help you attain this experience and make your Zoom meetings more fruitful and exciting.

30 Best Apps to Make Zoom Meeting Experience Better

The following is a list of some of the best and most useful Zoom add-on applications that you can use to improve your Zoom experience.

1. Mmhmm

Mmhmm official webpage

Mmhmm is a Zoom tool that provides several options for users while video conferencing on Zoom. If you regularly use Zoom for meetings, this is the perfect tool for you.

  • With Mmhmm, you can present slides while staying on the video call screen.
  • The tool also gives you access to more than 100 thousand backgrounds.
  • You can also stay on the screen with several people at once.
  • The features are further enhanced by allowing users to record video calls.

2. Read

Read official webpage

Read is one of the most advanced and best Zoom apps for meetings.

  • Read uses AI technology to summarize the meetings for you and save transcripts for later usage.
  • It also adds various augmented reality effects and helps you determine the level of engagement among meeting participants.

3. Funtivity

Funtivity official webpage

Funtivity attempts to make the video calling experience on your Zoom more fun and interactive. If you are looking to make your Zoom meetings more interactive, you should try Funtivity.

  • This application offers over 25 activities that can be completed while on a video call on the platform.
  • You can play bingo, trivia quizzes, charades, and scavenger hunts.
  • The app is well integrated with the Zoom application.

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4. Sesh

Sesh official webpage

Sesh is one of the best apps that make Zoom better to enhance the meeting experience for you. Install Sesh to have a complete meeting experience on Zoom.

  • The app uses video cues and audio prompts to ensure that the user is using Zoom meetings adequately.
  • The app helps you create and stick to agendas.
  • You can also create polls with Sesh.

5. Grain

Grain official webpage

Grain is a helpful Zoom add-on application, that attempts to resolve all the issues that occur during a Zoom meeting.

  • The application records and transcribes the meetings and provides insights and snippets that a user can review later.
  • You can also share this data with other participants for collective growth.

6. Krisp

Krisp official webpage

Krisp gives you noise cancellation tools, that help you focus on meetings and remove all the other disturbances.

  • The application uses advanced AI technology to remove all the audio disturbances during the meeting.
  • It assures that all the participants are heard clearly and that no interruptions are caused by bad audio.

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7. SurveyMonkey

SirveyMonkey official webpage

As the name suggests, SurveyMonkey is one of the best apps that help you create polls during meetings to make Zoom better.

  • It is a useful tool as it helps you determine and take swift decisions during the call.
  • The app also helps you make your meetings more interactive and lets everyone participate in the decision-making process.

8. Welo

Welo official webpage

Welo is a unique application that changes the boring Zoom call interface to an exciting background. You can be at a park or a café, so if you want an application that helps you create a fun and creative environment for the entire team, you can try Welo.

9. Miro

Miro official webpage

Miro is one of the best Zoom apps for meetings and can also help you enhance productivity in your organization. The application provides a well-integrated whiteboard, that helps you plan projects and receive feedback from the other participants.

10. Twine

Twine official webpage

Twine helps you create breakout rooms in Zoom.

  • This app allows you to set up and allot different kinds of breakout rooms to different individuals in the organization.
  • You can also switch one room between people after a certain period.
  • Also, you can use in-app prompts to guide conversations among the participants.

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11. Warmly

Warmly official webpage

Warmly can play a key role in the way you interact with clients and other people on Zoom.

  • The application helps you obtain all the relevant information about the person you interact with on Zoom.
  • Warmly can be easily installed and is well integrated with Zoom.

12. Circles for Zoom

Circles for Zoom Twitter page

Circles for Zoom is a unique Zoom app that helps you create a unique interface for you and the participants of the meeting.

  • Circles change the standard Zoom interface and replace it with floating circles, where each circle contains the participant’s live video.
  • Circles make the meeting experience more productive and fun at the same time.

13. Evernote

Evernote official webpage | How to Make Zoom Better Using its Best Apps

Evernote is a popular note-taking application that is available on every device. Evernote for Zoom allows you to use the application on Zoom.

  • You can use the application to make important notes and record tasks allotted to you.
  • Evernote is a useful app, and an add-on with Zoom makes access to the program easy.

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14. Google Drive for Zoom

Google Drive for Zoom official webpage

Google Drive is an essential tool to store Google accounts and other data. Google Drive for Zoom is a dedicated add-on that you can install on Zoom and access your Drive and its content without any problems. Google Drive for Zoom can help you save a lot of time.

15. Meeting Timer, Agenda Timer & Clock Countdown

Meeting Timer, Agenda Timer & Clock Countdown official webpage

As the name suggests, Meeting Timer, Agenda & Clock Countdown add-on application on Zoom helps you keep track of your Zoom engagements and activities.

  • You can add a timer, create a meeting agenda, and maintain a countdown for your deadlines.
  •  It has been proven to be a very useful app for many users.

16. Polly

Polly official webpage

Polly is a useful Zoom add-on application that helps you drive engagements during a Zoom call.

Some of the key features of the application include:

  • Question-and-answer sections
  • Icebreaker questions
  • Polls
  • Surveys

You can also get immediate and anonymous feedback from the participants. The app can help you increase individual participation in a meeting, and make the meetings more interactive.

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17. Slack

Slack official webpage

Slack is one of the most famous applications on Zoom that makes accessing a Zoom call much more straightforward.

  • You just need to make a zoom command to start or join a Zoom meeting or send a private message.
  • The application also allows admins to track the activities to make the best judgment.
  • You can also get meeting summaries and record the video calls for later use.

18. Gmail

Gmail official webpage | How to Make Zoom Better Using its Best Apps

Gmail is an important emailing tool that is used worldwide by most people.

  • You can also install a Gmail add-on on the Zoom application to access your emails, or create new ones more easily.
  • You can install this add-on to multitask between Zoom and Gmail to be more attentive in meetings.

19. Lucidspark Whiteboard

Lucidspark official webpage

With Lucidspark Whiteboard, you can create pre-prepared whiteboards to further push an agenda with your team.

  • This application also makes the meeting experience more interactive and alive.
  • You can add pictures and GIFs to make your whiteboard more interesting and catchy.

20. Trello

Trello official webpage

Trello helps you share your project progress with the entire team.

  • You can create Trello boards and present them in a meeting to keep the team updated on the progress.
  • Your teammates can study the board to gauge the progress, and executives can add further assignments.
  • Trello is a great professional tool that helps you track your progress.

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21. Asana

Asana official webpage

Asana helps users to create and update tasks from the meetings. Asana can be used to connect Zoom meetings with live projects. This is a great tool to create collaborations between different departments of an organization.

22. Zoom for Salesforce

Zoom for Salesforce official webpage | How to Make Zoom Better Using its Best Apps

Zoom for Salesforce’s integrated add-on application on Zoom can help you greatly with scheduling meetings on the platform.

  • You can use this tool to schedule meetings directly from the Salesforce platforms.
  • You can make a record of the meetings and get Salesforce insights.

23. Zoom for Hubspot

Zoom for Hubspot official webpage

Zoom for HubSpot is a famous sales and marketing software.

  • The program also provides a Zoom add-on application that can be used to create meetings directly from the platform.
  • Hubpost’s Zoom extension allows you to make reminders and send alerts to CRM.
  • The program tracks data like registration dates, participant attendance status, and duration of stay, making it easier to measure ROI in the organization.
  • This is a helpful tool, that can enhance the organization’s productivity by giving clear progress reports and insights.

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24. Gong for Zoom Meetings

Gong for Zoom Meetings official webpage

One of the best sales training tools available on Zoom, Gong for Zoom Meetings can be a game-changing application for you.

  • The application automatically records and analyzes scheduled meetings for you.
  • The app also provides a timeline of complete client conversations that helps you keep track of records.

Keep reading to learn about more apps to make Zoom better using its best add-on apps.

25. Mailchimp Notifications

Mailchimp Notifications official webpage

Mailchimp Notifications sends messages regarding campaign performances directly to the Zoom chat boxes. This app helps organizations analyze the performance of campaigns and their reach among audiences.

26. official webpage | How to Make Zoom Better Using its Best Apps

One of the best Zoom apps for meetings, allows users to share the Zoom recording on social media.

  • This app can be useful in creating marketing campaigns for an organization.
  • You can also post the meeting recordings in real time with this add-on application.

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27. Calendly for Zoom

Calendly for Zoom official webpage

Calendly for Zoom is a very useful organizing tool for Zoom users.

  • The application allows you to share Zoom links while creating events on the platform.
  • Participants can track the links from the scheduled events and be notified when the host makes changes to the schedule.

28. Google Calendar Notifications

Google Calendar Notifications official webpage

The Google Calendar Notification add-on allows users to get direct notifications and alerts from their Google Calendar application. The app also allows users to customize the notifications and get summaries of events from their calendars.

29. Docusign

Docusign official webpage

DocuSign helps you send envelopes to Zoom chats and allows participants to check the status of the documents. Users can also create their own new envelopes with various tools provided by the application.

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30. Zapier

Zapier official webpage | How to Make Zoom Better Using its Best Apps

Zapier is your one-stop solution for various tasks on Zoom. The app allows users to add webinars and schedule virtual events. Zapier also lets you avoid installing different applications for Zoom to complete one task.


We hope this guide was helpful to you and you were able to figure out how to make Zoom better using its best apps. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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