How to Make a Twitter Card

Create captivating cards to make your tweets truly stand out.

Twitter cards are eye-catching visual elements that add a special touch to your tweets, making them more appealing and memorable. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make attractive Twitter cards that captivate your audience and make a lasting impact. Let’s dive in!

How to make a Twitter card

How to Make a Twitter Card

Twitter cards are special additions to your tweets that include photos, videos, and links to your website, making them more engaging. They come in various types and sizes. To make one for your Twitter account, follow the simple instructions provided in our guide below.

These steps will guide you to create a card:

1. Open a web browser on your system and visit

Open you web browser and visit

2. From the navigation bar select Creatives and then click on Cards.

3. In the Cards library, select Create Card and choose the type of card you wish to make.

4. Fill out the card creation form.

Note: This form contains information like headline, website URLs, and name of the card.

5. Once done, save the card and you can find it in the Card Library.

6. For drafting a Tweet for your card, roll over the card and click on the Tweet icon.

By following the steps given above you can make beautiful cards.

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Are Twitter Cards Free?

Yes, they are free. They’re created manually if you have Twitter Ads or automatically by using website plugins. You can attach photos, videos, and other media experiences to your tweets to drive more traffic to your website from your tweets.

There are offers four types of cards, for example Summary, Summary with Large Image, App, and Player. These enhance your visibility on Twitter and help you gain followers by providing immersive interactions. Tweets with these cards appear more appealing and clickable, increasing the chances of customer engagement and conversions.

Can You Still Make Twitter Cards?

Yes, you can still make Twitter Cards in two ways, manually through the Twitter Ads interface or automatically using website functionality. To create Twitter Cards manually, you can go to the Twitter Ads interface, choose one example of your choice, and follow the steps given above.

Photos, videos, links, and media experiences can be added to your Tweets. There are several types of Twitter Cards, for example Image/Video website cards, Image/Video app cards, and Player Cards.

Twitter cards are great for enhancing your tweets and making them more engaging. The media rich tweets drive traffic to your website and engagement with your followers. To make a Twitter card, you need to choose a card type, add the correct meta tags to your webpage, and run the URL through the validator tool to test.

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