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How to Go Frame by Frame on YouTube

Learn to analyze YouTube videos by watching them frame by frame.

Do you wonder if you can watch YouTube frame by frame rather than watching the whole video? So the answer to this question is yes, you can watch YouTube frame by frame. Here in this article, we will guide you on how to do the same and what is YouTube frame by frame hotkey. Keep reading!

How to Go Frame by Frame on YouTube

How to Go Frame by Frame on YouTube

Frame-to-frame video playback can be of use to users as it allows them to navigate the content better. By moving frame to frame, you can know what is happening in each frame of the video. It allows you to analyze videos for understanding complex content so that you may know or find proof of whether the content is real or fake. Now let’s begin with the tutorial to know how to go frame by frame on YouTube.

Quick Answer

Try using the period and comma key to move frame forward and backward respectively after pausing a YouTube video.

Method 1: Use Hotkey

There are plenty of keyboard shortcuts to work on a PC or laptop. You can even use a few keyboard shortcuts while watching YouTube on your desktop. You can use the left and right arrow keys to move videos forward or backward by 10 seconds. To watch videos frame by frame, what you need is YouTube’s frame-by-frame hotkey.

1. Go to YouTube and use your Google account login into it.

2. Now, in the search bar search for the video you want to watch.

youtube search

3. Start playing the video and hit the pause icon to pause the video whenever you want to play frame by frame.

youtube play icon. How to Go Frame by Frame on YouTube

4. Use the period key for going forward and the comma key to go backward.

play forward icon

With these YouTube frame by frame hotkeys, in just one tap you can view everything in one frame. But if this doesn’t work you can look for other methods described below.

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Method 2: Use an External Website

Mostly the videos on YouTube are encoded to support frame-by-frame. And if your video doesn’t support it, you can do it using external websites. This approach is about using a third-party website where you need to paste the YouTube video URL and play it frame by frame. You can use this method either on desktops or smartphones. Follow the steps:

1. Open the web browser and copy the URL of the video you want to watch from YouTube.

youtube video url. How to Go Frame by Frame on YouTube

2. Visit the WatchFramebyFrame website and paste the video link in the URL field.

enter video url. How to Go Frame by Frame on YouTube

3. Now, click on the WATCH VIDEO button to play the video.

watch video

4. Pause the video wherever you want, change the step to 1Frame, and then set the frame for seconds to 30 FPS.

change video frame

You can use the forward button to move one frame ahead and use the back button to move the frame backward.

Useful YouTube Hotkeys

Other than period and comma keys, other hotkeys also can be used while watching videos on YouTube. The list of those shortcuts is here:

  • M: Mute or unmute
  • /: Navigate to the search box
  • >: Increase video playback speed
  • <: Decrease video playback speed
  • C: Start closed captions and close them
  • F: Enter or leave full-screen mode
  • Shift + P: Previous video
  • Shift + N: Next video
  • I: Opens the mini-player and goes back to normal mode


We hope these shortcuts and tutorials were helpful to you to watch YouTube frame by frame to learn more from the videos. Let us know about any of your queries or suggestions in the comments section below.

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