How to Fix View PayPal Transactions Error

Sometimes you may encounter error while trying to view your PayPal transaction history. This can be frustrating, but don’t worry! In this guide, we will teach you how to fix view PayPal transactions error.

How to Fix View PayPal Transactions Error

How to Fix View PayPal Transactions Error

If you are experiencing an error while trying to view your PayPal transactions, then keep reading this article to fix the issue to start accessing your transactions in no time.

Quick Answer

Try contacting PayPal customer support for assistance. Also, you can try to disable any extensions you have installed and try to view your PayPal transactions again.

Why is My PayPal Not Working with eBay?

If your PayPal account is not working with eBay, it may be due to a number of reasons. Analysing the reasons is a crucial step in troubleshooting how to fix view PayPal transactions error.

  • Your PayPal account is not linked to your eBay account.
  • You do not have sufficient funds in your PayPal account to complete the purchase.
  • PayPal may be experiencing technical difficulties or outages.
  • Your PayPal account may be restricted or limited.
  • Your PayPal account may have been suspended or closed.
  • Your credit card may have expired or cancelled.
  • You may have exceeded the transaction limits for your PayPal account.
  • You may have exceeded the payment limit for your eBay account.
  • Any conflicts in VPN, outdated browser, or proxy servers.

The first step is to ensure that you are using the correct username and password when logging in. If you have recently changed your password, make sure to use the new password when logging in. Additionally, make sure that you are using the correct web browser when accessing your Paypal account.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Before you follow the advanced troubleshooting methods, you can give it a try to get rid of how to fix view PayPal transactions error within simple basic troubleshooting steps.

1A. Close Background Programs

Closing background apps can help to fix the View PayPal Transactions Error by freeing up memory and allowing the PayPal app to run more efficiently. This can help to prevent the app from crashing or freezing, which can cause the error to occur. Additionally, some apps may be running in the background and using resources, which can interfere with the performance of the PayPal app.

To do so, follow our guide on How to End Task in Windows 10.

right click on it and choose End Task to end it. How to Fix View PayPal Transactions Error

1B. Troubleshoot Internet Connection

Troubleshooting internet connection in your PC ensures that the connection is stable and reliable. This will help to make sure that the data is being sent and received smoothly. Additionally, it can help to identify any possible issues with the connection which may be causing the error. If any issues are identified, they can be rectified to ensure that the View PayPal Transactions Error is resolved. Follow our guide on How to Troubleshoot Network Connectivity Problems on Windows 10 and perform the steps mentioned if you are facing any problem on your PC.

Run the troubleshooter for Network adapters

1C. Wait for PayPal Server Uptime

When you check the PayPal server status, it will alert you to any technical issues that PayPal is currently experiencing. This can help to identify the root cause of the error and allow you to fix the issue quickly. Some common causes of the View PayPal Transactions Error are due to server outages, network issues, or other technical problems that can be quickly identified and resolved if the server status is checked. Therefore, you can check the official website of PayPal status page or check third-party uptime-checker websites like DownDetector that help in providing details about if there is an issue with the servers of PayPal or not.

Check PayPal Server Status. How to Fix View PayPal Transactions Error

1D. Clear Browser Cache & Cookies

Clearing browser cache and cookies can help to fix errors in PayPal transactions because the browser cache can contain outdated information that may be causing problems with the PayPal transaction. If the browser cache and cookies are cleared, the outdated information is removed and the most up-to-date information is loaded. This can help to fix errors in PayPal transactions such as payment errors, login errors, and other transaction-related errors. Read our guide How to Clear Cache and Cookies in Google Chrome to remove browser cache and cookies. If you are using some other browsers, follow the instructions appropriately.

clear browsing data

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1E. Disable Browser Extensions

Disabling browser extensions can help to fix errors in PayPal transactions by eliminating conflicts between the extensions and PayPal’s website. Extensions can often interfere with how a website should function, and when this happens, it can lead to errors when attempting to make payments. By disabling the extensions, PayPal can run without the interference from the extensions, allowing the transaction to process correctly.

1. Launch the Google Chrome browser and click on the three-dotted icon from the top right corner.

click on three dots icon in google chrome

2. Here, select More tools.

3. Now, click on Extensions as shown below.

click on More tools and select Extensions in Google Chrome

4. Finally, toggle off the Extension (e.g. Grammarly for Chrome) and others. Then, relaunch Chrome and check it sped up.

turn off the extension. How to Fix View PayPal Transactions Error

1F. Update Browser

Updating your browser can help to fix error in PayPal transaction because some older browsers may not be able to properly render the PayPal page correctly, causing the error to appear. A newer browser version may support the necessary features to properly view the page, thus solving the error. Additionally, updating your browser can help to protect you from security threats, as older versions may have known vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Here are a few instructions to update browser on your PC.

Note: Here, Google Chrome is taken as an example, follow the steps according to your browser.

1. Launch the Google Chrome browser.

2. Click on the three-dotted icon to expand the Settings menu.

3. Then, select Help > About Google Chrome as illustrated below.

click on Help and select About Google Chrome

4. Allow Google Chrome to search for updates. The screen will display Checking for updates message, as shown.

updating chrome. How to Fix View PayPal Transactions Error

5A. If updates are available, click on the Update Google Chrome button.

5B. If Chrome is already updated then, Google Chrome is up to date message will be displayed.

Google Chrome is up to date

Method 2: Link Bank Account

Linking a bank account to your PayPal account helps to fix why is my PayPal not working with eBay error because it provides PayPal with the funds necessary to complete the transaction. It also allows PayPal to verify your identity and better protect your account from fraud. Additionally, by linking a bank account, you can easily transfer money from your PayPal account to your bank account if needed.

1. Open your PayPal account on the web and go to your Wallet.

2. Click on Link a bank account option.

link a payment method paypal

3. Now, select your Bank Account.

4. After that, choose your bank account type and provide the necessary data, and click on Agree and Link.

Now that your bank account is confirmed in PayPal, you can process your payment and check if how to fix view PayPal transactions error is settled now.

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Method 3: Use PayPal Balance

Using PayPal balance helps to fix error in PayPal transactions because it ensures that the user’s account is properly funded and that the funds are available for any transactions. If the user does not have enough funds in their account, it can cause an error. By using PayPal balance, the user can ensure that the account is properly funded and that the transactions they are attempting to view can be completed without any issues.

Note: The steps mentioned below can be followed in case you have not linked your card or bank account already.

1. Sign in to your PayPal account and select Manage at the top of the page.

Click on Manage. How to Fix View PayPal Transactions Error

2. Select Link a card or bank from the menu.

Click on Link a card or bank

3. Select a preferred option between Link a debit or credit card and Link a bank account.

Select Link a debit or credit card or Link a bank account

4. After entering your information, click Link Card.

Click on Link Card. How to Fix View PayPal Transactions Error

5. Now, open Wallet on your PayPal account page.

6. To send money from your bank account to PayPal, click Add Money

Now that you have added money to your PayPal balance, you can make further transactions using the same without having a need to use a card or bank account.

Method 4: Verify Credit or Debit Card

Verifying a credit or debit card helps to fix View PayPal Transactions Error by ensuring that all the necessary information is accurate and up to date. This includes the cardholder’s name, address, expiration date, and security code. This helps to ensure that the payment is processed correctly and that the funds are transferred to the correct account. Additionally, it also helps to protect against fraudulent charges and unauthorized use of a card.

1. Visit PayPal official website in your browser.

Open PayPal

2. Log In to PayPal by entering your credentials.

Log In to PayPal. How to Fix View PayPal Transactions Error

3. Now, click on the Settings Gear icon.

Click on the Settings Gear icon. How to Fix View PayPal Transactions Error

4. Open the Payments tab and confirm your saved card(s) in it.

Open the Payments tab

Once your credit or debit card is confirmed, process the payment again to check if why is my PayPal not working with eBay issues have been resolved.

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Method 5: Use Different Browser

Using different browsers can help on how to fix view PayPal transactions error because different browsers may have different settings or features that can affect how a website is displayed. For example, if the website is not compatible with the current browser, switching to a different browser may help resolve the issue. Additionally, some browsers allow users to customize their settings to better support certain websites, so switching to a different browser may allow you to customize the website to make it compatible with PayPal. Following are the list of popular web browsers apart from Google Chrome.

opera browser

Method 6: Disable VPN and Proxy Server

Disabling a VPN or proxy can help to fix the why is my PayPal not working with eBay issue because a VPN or proxy can sometimes cause issues with the PayPal website. A VPN or proxy can mask your IP address and change the way the website recognizes your device, which can often interfere with the normal functioning of the website. By disabling your VPN or proxy, you can ensure that PayPal can properly recognize your device, allowing it to access the correct information and display your transactions correctly. You can read our guide on How to Disable VPN and Proxy on Windows 10 and get help from it to disable it on your PC in order to resolve error in PayPal transactions.

 Disable your VPN

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Method 7: Try Different Device

Due to the complexity of the PayPal system, there can be a variety of causes for the error. It could be due to a technical issue, a corrupt browser cache, a third-party plugin or extension, or even a faulty device. By trying different devices, you may be able to find the source of the issue and fix it. Additionally, certain devices may be more compatible with the PayPal system, so switching devices may help to mitigate or eliminate the error.

Method 8: Contact PayPal Support

Still, if you are experiencing the issue when trying to view your PayPal transactions, it is best to contact PayPal Support. They will be able to provide assistance in troubleshooting and resolving errors in PayPal transaction issue. They may be able to walk you through troubleshooting steps, provide a solution, or escalate the issue if necessary. You can chat with PayPal professionals or even talk to them on the phone to resolve the error.

Contact PayPal Support. How to Fix View PayPal Transactions Error


We hope this guide was useful and you have learned how to fix view PayPal transactions error on your PC. Please let us know what we want to explore next. For any suggestions or queries, mention them in the comments section.

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