How to Change Font on Instagram

We all know that Instagram has very limited options for fonts. The app does not offer any specific features to change the font of the bio or comments on Instagram. But don’t worry. You can still change the font. We’ll demonstrate how to change font on Instagram stories, bio, comments, and captions sections. And not only that but will also figure out how to change font on Instagram free, so let’s dig in.

How to Change Font on Instagram

How to Change Font on Instagram

Here, we have explained about the steps to change font on Instagram in detail.

What are Default Instagram Fonts?

If you’ve ever used Instagram, you’re would be aware of the available font. The text in the bio, comments, captions, etc., uses the default font, but Instagram Stories still offers a few restricted customization possibilities. Some of the defaults fonts on Instagram bio, comments, and stories are:

  • Instagram Sans
  • Neue Helvetica (iOS)
  • Roboto (Android)
  • Aveny-T
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Comic Sans
  • Serif

If you know how to change font on Instagram, you can still employ entertaining and captivating fonts on Instagram. We’ll talk about how to change font on Instagram free in this post below, so read on for more information. But first, let’s examine why you should alter the fonts on Instagram.

Why Should You Change Fonts on Instagram?

Verify that the font personality corresponds with the personality of your brand. You must select a font that matches the boldness and opulence of your brand. Your font selection should show that you’re going for a more solid, reliable brand personality.

There are essentially three reasons to alter the font on Instagram, so let’s examine each one separately.

  • To Be Unique: There is a tremendous amount of creative competition among designers, creators, and artists on Instagram. So to stand out and be unique, one of the best possible methods is to customize fonts.
  • To Be Creative: The most important part of being unique is being creative. This offers an abundance of possibilities to showcase your creativity by altering the text’s font.
  • To be on Most Recent Trends: The trends on social media often change with time. So adapting to the trend makes you go viral. Influencers, brands, and consumers have started using custom fonts on Instagram. Therefore, the moment has come to give it a shot.

Let’s talk about how to change font on Instagram now that you know why it’s a good idea to customize your Instagram fonts.

How to Change Font on Instagram for Free

It’s a very easy process. A font generator for Instagram must be used to customize the font.

Making Use of Instagram Font Generators

As their name suggests, font generators give you different fonts to be used. You can choose the desired fonts as per your wish and create a font that is best for your business. You can use one of the four popular Instagram font generators listed below:

  • igfonts is a simple and easier tool. You only have to input the text and select the font you need. The tool offers various font options to copy and use the font you like the most.
  • FontGet is another text box with a list of many fonts. The tool offers an easier and simple interface. Also, you can choose text faces, cool symbols, and emojis for your text.
  • tool will provide you a preview of the text how it appears on the bio. You can preview the font and use the best font to portray your business.
  • tool allows you to choose among various typefaces and emojis for your writing.

In this manner, you can understand how to change font on Instagram free. Read further to learn how to change fonts on Instagram stories.

How to Change Fonts in your Text-based Instagram Stories

By default, you can choose among the available nine fonts on Instagram stories. To change the font in your text-based Instagram Story, follow these steps:

1. On your Instagram feed, tap on Your Story in the upper left-hand corner.

2. Choose Camera and tap on the Aa icon.

3. To type, tap anywhere on the page. Swipe the Aa button after you’re finished to see your text in additional font styles.

4. Choose the font that you like.

Choose the font that you like

5. Tap on Next in the upper right corner.

Choose Next in the upper right corner and choose to Send to publish your Story

6. Tap on Your story to post the story.

Have you noticed that an increasing number of Instagram users are using alternative fonts for their Instagram? Do you want to know how to change font on Instagram bio? In this article, we’ll explain how to change font on Instagram bio and the options you have for changing them.

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How to Change Font on Instagram Bio

To choose a font, you can choose any of the online tools available. Here, we have chosen Meta tags font generator. Follow the below steps:

1. Visit the site and enter the text you wish to edit into the EDIT TEXT field.

edit text in meta tags font generator

2. Now, choose a font.

Note: The tool also shows creative fonts with emojis and symbols. You can also choose them.

choose font in meta tags font generator

3. Click on Copy next to the desired font.

4. Open Instagram.

5. Tap on your profile image and then tap on Edit Profile.

6. Paste your text in the Bio field. Tap on the tick mark at the top right corner.

Note 1: You can also choose another font if you don’t like the one you’ve chosen and repeat the same steps.

Note 2: Similarly, you can alter the font in Instagram captions by following the same steps by pasting the text in the caption section while posting to Instagram.

What to Take into Account If You Change the Font on Instagram?

While changing the Instagram text font, you should definitely avoid using a distinct font for the entire text on the bio or caption. It is advised to change the font for the name or a little section of the description. 

  • Avoid text generators for every feed: To be unique, it is best advised to use new fonts wisely. There is no need to apply the font generator for every post. So, avoid it for every feed as it may soon seem repetitive.
  • Maintain Brand Unity: You can change your Instagram fonts but ensure to stick to your brand guidelines. Also, make sure to stick with the same font for every feed to represent your business. You can also choose one or two fonts that look appropriate for the content of your brand.
  • Keep Accessibility in mind: Ensure that your font is readable. Your custom font may become unreadable because not all characters are displayed. Remember to choose fonts with caution, and ensure to test them as much as you can on various platforms.

By using the methods listed above, you may now learn how to change font on Instagram.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it acceptable to combine fonts with different styles?

Ans. Yes, you can combine fonts but ensure to follow general typographic rules:

  • It is better to have disparate font combinations.
  • One font should be the star and the other should support it.

Q2. How do you change the typeface in your Instagram bio?

Ans. Follow the steps given in this article to change the Instagram bio font.

Q3. In Instagram captions, is it possible to use a different font?

Ans. Yes, it’s possible to use different fonts in the Instagram caption. Follow the steps given in this article.

Q4. What font would be best for an Instagram bio?

Ans. It depends on your liking. You can use a combination of stickers, emojis, and letters. By default, Instagram’s default font is Neue Helvetica.

Q5. How can you create attractive fonts for Instagram stories?

Ans. You can choose among nine available Instagram story fonts like Typewriter, Neon, Classic, Modern, and more. Also, you can modify the font size, position, and color on your screen.


Every Instagram user needs to maintain their account well in order to differentiate themselves from other users and stand out. How to change font on Instagram should now be clear to you. Follow the instructions in the article above if you want to add several font styles to Instagram, whether it’s for a post, story, bio, or comment. If you have any queries or suggestions, please drop them in the comment section below.

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