The Broadcast Ends: How to Cancel AT&T TV Service

Explore the cancellation policies of AT&TV and wave a goodbye its services

As our entertainment preferences evolve, so do our choices for television services. If you’ve found that AT&T TV no longer aligns with your needs or is too expensive and you want to try out alternate options, you can terminate their services. This article will teach you how to cancel AT&T TV service.

How To Cancel At&T Tv Service

How to Revoke AT&T TV Service

If you no longer require the AT&T TV service, why not free yourself from ongoing subscription fees? The cancellation process is quite easy and can be initiated by directly calling AT&T or submitting an online cancellation request. Let’s go through the methods.

Method 1: Contact Customer Support

The first and easiest way is to call the AT&T customer support team at 800-288-2020 during their business hours. You can also chat with them on their official website.

Note: Make sure to keep the Account number and personal identification number (PIN) handy.

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Method 2: Self-Cancellation on Website

If you are not able to reach out to the support team, you can also revoke the service via the website. Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Launch the AT&T TV NOW website and Sign in if required.

Launch the AT&T TV NOW website and Sign in if required.

2. Choose Manage subscription.

3. Choose I want to cancel and follow the on-screen prompts.

Does AT&T Charge to Cancel Service?

Yes, According to the cancellation policy of AT&T TV service, you agree to a service commitment (a contract for wireless services of AT&T) while activating any device purchased from them. An additional Early Termination Fee (ETF) is charged if you cancel the service under the term of the contract before the tenure ends, which is:

  • After 14 days of Consumer Wireless Service
  • After 30 days of Business Wireless Service

However, you are not liable to pay the Early Termination Fee if:

  • The service tenure is completed
  • You are on an installment or Equipment Installment plan. 
  • You cancel the service within 14 days (Consumer Wireless Service) and 30 days (Business Wireless Service) of activation.
  • If you return the device in new condition.

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How Much Does It Cost to Cancel AT&T TV

The amount varies and depends on the type of device you buy and the terms of the service contract.

AT&T Certified Like-New or Completely New deviceEarly Termination Fee
Smartphone with data service$325 – $10 for each month of completed service commitment
AT&T Wireless Internet, or other connected devices$150 – $4 for each month of completed service commitment

ETF is distributed and is reduced for each month of active service. For example, in a term commitment of 12 months, ETF on canceling the service after 8 months is less than the amount charged on canceling after 4 months.

The following table shows the estimated amount of ETF for a term commitment of 12 months.

Months in serviceETF

However, do remember a few points:

  • The equipment leased to you must be returned to AT&T within 21 calendar days in undamaged condition, or else you will be charged for the equipment.
  • Any advance payment or amount that has not been previously refunded will be retained by AT&T if you fail to return the equipment within the stipulated time.
  • Any fees charged for the equipment will be refunded if you return them within 90 days of the cancellation of the service.

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We hope our guide answered your question regarding how to cancel AT&T TV service and also helped you understand their cancellation policy. If you have queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section.

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