How to Add Stock Bot to Discord

Strengthen your trading strategies by incorporating Stock Bot into your server.

Discord’s benefits extend to more than just gamers; it also appeals to investors. Traders value precise, timely, and visually clear data presented in various performance charts. This functionality is made simpler through the integration of stock bots on this messaging platform. Hence, let’s explore how to add and use the Stock Bot on Discord to stay informed about the fast-paced stock market landscape.

How to Add Stock Bot to Discord

How to Add Stock Bot to Discord

Investors can stay updated on the stock market’s status through Discord conversations without switching to another app. If you aim to enhance your investment strategies, consider using the Stock Bot. This tool can transform your server into a virtual stock market. This article will delve into the process of adding Stock Bot to your server and how to use it. Keep reading!

Quick Answer

To add the Stock Bot to Discord, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Stock Bot Invite page and tap on Accept Invite.

2. Tap the Members icon and select the Stock Bot member.

3. Tap Add to Server and pick a desired server.

4. Choose permissions and tap on Authorize.

5. Open the target server and type /help in the chat box to learn and use the commands.

What Does Stock Bot Do?

The Stock Bot is a free trading chatbot available within Discord chat servers focused on investing.

  • This bot assists traders by automatically executing various trading actions like buying, selling, and trading stocks and other assets.
  • Moreover, this trading bot provides information on over 1000 cryptocurrencies.
  • By displaying data on the most active stocks, it has the ability to moderate members by kicking, banning, muting, or hiding them.

Stock Bot Invite page

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Is Discord Used for Stock Trading?

Yes, Discord is used for stock trading. While it doesn’t offer stock trading directly, there are many stock trading group channels and communities that facilitate discussions, knowledge sharing, and problem-solving among traders.

Some of the popular stock trading servers on Discord are:

  • Stock VIP
  • Campus Town Trading
  • TDT Trading
  • Aurora Trading
  • United Traders
  • Stock Dads
  • Lambo Money, and more

These servers serve as valuable sources of free information and guidance from experienced traders.

Stock VIP server

How Much Does Stock Bot Cost?

The Stock Bot doesn’t cost anything to use. It is a free chatbot that can be added to any investing-related chat server at Discord.

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How to Add and Use Stock Bot on Discord?

Using the Stock Bot, you can automate your trading and make more informed decisions. To use the Stock Bot on Discord, follow these steps:

Note: Make sure you have installed the Discord app on your phone and signed in to your account.

1. Visit the Stock Bot Invite page on your browser.

2. Tap on the Accept Invite option to open the server in your app.

Tap on the Accept Invite option to open the server in your app

3. Select the desired announcements you will like to receive from here.

Note: Tap on Skip if you don’t want any announcement alerts.

4. Tap on Agree and Finish.

5. Then, tap on the Members icon from the top right corner of the server chat screen.

6. Tap on the Stock Bot member from the list, as shown below.

Tap on the Stock Bot member from the list

7. Tap on Add to Server.

Tap on Add to Server

8. Select the desired server to add the Stock Bot and tap on the Continue option.

Select the desired server to add the Stock Bot and tap on the Continue option

9. Choose the desired permissions and tap on Authorize to allow Stock Bot to access your Discord server.

Choose the desired permissions and tap on Authorize

10. Confirm the captcha.

11. Go to the target server where you added the Stock Bot.

12. In the chat box, type /help to see the list of all commands.

type /help to see all commands

13. Learn all the commands from the list of commands and send the desired command in the chatbox by typing it out.

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Stock Bot Commands

The following are some of the commands for Stock Bot.

Basic Commands

Bot Commands Action
help Gives you the help you need!
init The command to get started
del Delete your account from the database
prefix <prefix> Change my prefix to the choosen one!

Player account commands

Bot Commands Action
balance / balance @User To admire your / user’s wealth
list / list @User Your / user’s current trades
daily To get your daily reward
vote Vote for the bot and get a reward
leaderboard Who is the richest in your server?

 Stock Market commands

Bot Commands Action
search To search for stock markets
show <symbol> To get details about a particular market
newtrade <buy/sell> <symbol> <price> <optional: share/s> To trade stocks on the market
closetrade <ID> Close a trade

After learning how to add and use the Stock Bot on Discord, you’ll have market insights at your fingertips. It will also help you upgrade your server into an insightful platform for traders and investors. Drop your queries or suggestions in the comments, and keep visiting our website for regular content updates. Wishing you prosperous trading ahead!

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