How to Add and Use Mantaro Bot on Discord

Welcome the anime lovers to your Discord server with the amazing Mantaro Bot

Discord servers become even more engaging with the addition of versatile bots. However, if you aim to attract experienced and budding Otakus to your server, well, it’s not an easy take to impress them. Anime fans have high standards, and it can be difficult to impress them. Fortunately, not with Mantaro, the anime-based comprehensive bot. Want to set up your server and save the day? Read more to find out how to add and use the Mantaro bot on Discord.

How to Add and Use Mantaro Bot on Discord

What is Mantaro Bot and How to Add It?

Mantaro is a highly versatile and widely used Discord bot that currently caters to a staggering 60 million users across 750,000 servers. Its inclusion of fan-favorite commands that specifically target engagement with anime lovers has gained immense popularity. Mantaro boasts a vibrant and interactive community that operates on its own rules.

Later in this article, we will read about its features. But for now, let’s take a moment to add it first. Adding the Mantaro bot to your Discord server is a relatively easy process. Follow the steps below:

1. Launch Mantaro bot offical webpage on any browser on the device.

2. Click on Click me to add the bot to your server <3 link.

Click on the Click Me to add the bot to your server link.


3. From the ADD TO SERVER drop-down menu, select the server to which you want to add the bot and click on Continue.

From the ADD TO SERVER drop down menu, select the one to which you want to add the bot and click on Continue.

4. Check all the boxes next to the permissions the bot requires and then click on Authorize.

click on authorize

5. Lastly, complete the CAPTCHA for verification.

Once done, the Mantaro bot will be added successfully to your server.

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How to Use Mantaro Bot

Using Mantaro bot on Discord is easy provided that you know the commands to control it. Check out our other heading to see all the commands.

1. Go to the server in which you have the Mantaro bot installed

2. Now enter a command to test the bot. Here, we enter /info command for demonstration.

3. After entering the command, hit Enter to execute it.

Type the command

Features of Mantaro Bot

As we already know Mantaro bot offers a wide range of features, here are some of them:

  • It features an economy system with pets, mining, fishing, chopping, casting, repairing, and more.
  • It helps users collect more rewards as per the in-bot currency system.
  • Its marriage and waifu system attracts seasoned anime lovers.
  • Multiple commands are designed for anime such as Booru, Konachan, Gelbooru, Danbooru, etc.
  • It offers many fun games such as Guess the Character, guess the Number, Guess a Pokemon based on the outline, and fun trivia.
  • The birthday announcer sends a message to each user present in the channel and grants an exclusive role to them
  • Multiple reactions are present to express a user’s state of mind. For example, someone made you blush? Enter /action blush to express, want to pat someone? Enter /action pat to do so.

Commands for Mantaro Bot

Take a look at some of the commands offered by Mantaro bot on Discord.

I. Audio Commands

Note: Currently Mantaro patrons can only use these music commands. More accessibility is decided in the future by official Mantaro.

Command Function
/forward Skips the music forward
/move Moves Mantaro bot channel you specified
/nowplaying Displays the currently playing song with timestamps
/pause Pauses the music player
/play Automatically connects Mantaro to your current Voice-Chat and plays the song you specified
/queue Displays the current queue
/removetrack Removes the track from the queue
/repeat Repeats the current song or the queue, or disables repeating
/restartsong Rewinds a song to the start
/rewind Rewinds the song back by the time given
/shuffle Shuffles the current music queue
/skip Skips the current song if 50% or more of the people in the Voice-Chat vote for it
/stop Makes Mantaro leave the Voice-Chat and empties the queue if 50% or more of the people in the Voice-Chat vote for it
/volume Let’s you check the current volume, as well as set the volume to the percentage specified (4-100)

II. Action Commands

Command Function
/action A bunch of action commands that didn’t fit into a separate command
/cuddle Cuddles someone on the server
/hug Hugs someone on the server
/kiss Kisses someone on the server
/pat Pats someone on the server
/poke Pokes someone on the server
/pout Pouts at someone on the server
/slap Slaps someone on the server
/tickle Tickles someone on the server

III. Currency Commands

Command Function
/badges Shows a list of badges of the current user
/balance Returns your current amount of money or the amount of money of the person that was given
/buy Allows you to buy items from the in-game market
/cast Casts random items
/chop Use one of your axes to chop down trees.


/daily Grants you $150 credits per day. The maximum amount it can give is ~2000 credits (a bit more for shared dailies). This command gives a reward for claiming it every day (daily streak). You will lose streak if you ignore two days in a row.
/dailycrate Allows you to receive a random crate once per day. The -check flag allows you to check if your daily crate is ready without claiming it.
/divorce Attend the single life again.
/dump Allows you to dump an item from your inventory
/equip Allows you to equip an item
/fish Catches fish using one of your fishing rods
/gamble Gambles your credits for possible profit
/inventory Shows your current inventory and item stats
/iteminfo Provides you with information about an item
/opencrate Opens one of your Lootboxes
/marry Marries someone
/market Browses the market
/mine Lets you mine using pickaxe
/loot Loots for probable credits and items. Some items are only obtained via loot
/leaderboard Returns top 10 for various statistics
/pet Allows you to buy a pet so that you can take care of it.
/profile Looks at your own or the given person’s profile
/repair Allows you to repair broken items using your equipped wrench
/reputation Gives someone reputation
/salvage Allows you to salvage broken items
/sell Allows you to sell an item in the Market
/slots Uses the amount of credits specified to roll the slot machine
/tools Checks the durability and status of your tools
/transfer Transfers someone money
/transferitems Transfers one of your items to someone else
/unequip Allows you to unequip previously equipped items
/use Allows you to use certain items
/waifu Manages your waifus

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IV. Game Commands

Command Function
/game Starts a guessing game of either Pokemon, anime characters, or guessing the number
/trivia Asks for the answer to a random trivia question

V. Image Commands

Command Function
/danbooru Returns an image from danbooru. You may add as many tags as you like. You may also entirely drop the rating when using multiple tags. Unless a different rating is specified, the Safe for Work Image rating will be used
/e621 Returns an image from e621. You may add as many tags as you like
/e926 Returns an image from e926. You may add as many tags as you like
/gelbooru Returns an image from gelbooru
/rule34 Returns an image from rule34. You may add as many tags as you like
/konachan Returns an image from konachan. You may add as many tags as you like
/image Contains various imageboard commands
/safebooru Returns an image from safebooru
/yandere Returns an image from yandere

VI. Fun Commands

Command Function
/8ball Asks the magic 8ball a question
/anime Searches for the anime specified using
/character Searches for the anime character specified
/coinflip Flips a coin once or multiple times
/love Calculates the love between two people. Results may vary. This is random, for real
/ratewaifu Rates your waifu from 0 to 100. Results may vary
/ratewaifu Rates your waifu from 0 to 100. Results may vary

VII. Moderation Commands

Command Function
/mute Mutes the given Member
/opts Includes an extensive list of option commands
/prune Deletes messages (excluding messages that are older than 14 days). Minimum of messages to delete is 5 and maximum is 100
/unmute Unmutes the mentioned user if muted
/avatar Shows avatar
/help Gets all commands or, if you specify a command, get more information on the command specified
/info Shows the hub for (user/role/server) info related commands
/mantaro Shows useful bot information
/ping Checks how fast Mantaro is responding
/stats Gets the bot technical information. Nothing all that interesting, but shows cute stats

VIII. Utility Commands

Command Function
/birthday Sets/Removes your own birthday or show everyone with a birthday this month. The date format is dd-mm
/custom Creates a custom command
/iam Applies a self-assignable role to you or lists all self-assignable roles
/poll Creates a poll with options
/premium Checks or activates premium status for a user or server
/remindme Reminds you of something after the given time ran out. Mantaro will DM you when the time runs out with the message you specified
/time Shows the current time in the timezone set on your profile or the time in the timezone that was specified
/wiki Links you to the respective GitHub wiki pages

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Why Mantaro Bot is Best for Anime Fans?

Mantaro bot surely amuses anime fans since its command heavily influences otaku nature. Let’s dig deep and discover why Mantaro is perfect for anime fans.

  • Not only do the commands sound Japanese, but simple action commands such as high-five, hug, and pat give gifs from popular animes
  • Waifu in Japanese may mean a fictional character in anime that users are attracted to, similarly waifu system is present inside Mantaro with a feature to not only manage individual waifu but also a command to rate them before other users, how convenient
  • You can set birthdays to other otakus in anime style, prepare to be pleasantly surprised at your birthday announcement, you might first need to set it though.
  • Since the nature of using the Mantaro bot is anime-based, a random user might stir chaos in the server affecting other members. This is where moderation comes in. There are a couple of moderation commands to help you ban a certain fan
  • Fun commands include searching for a long-lost anime to stir up nostalgia and searching for a specific anime character to add to your collection.
  • Game commands let you play anime-related games and trivia of that sort
  • The currency system allows you to buy anything in the market including items etc.
  • For fun or for serious, Mantaro has commands related to marrying someone by otaku culture in the server itself, seeing love matches, etc.
  • One of the biggest uses of Mantaro is that it can play music with the limitation that it currently only supports patrons.
  • These are some of the ways in which Mantaro satisfies die-hard anime fans see for yourself what each command does but it is always based on anime taste.

In conclusion, Mantaro Bot enhances Discord communities, offering engaging features and seamless moderation. Its multifunctionality and user-friendliness make it a valuable asset for server management and entertainment. If you have any queries or suggestions, drop them in the comment section below.

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