How Long Does Chewy Take to Ship? 

Wondering when your Chewy order will arrive? Find it out in this guide!

If you’re a pet owner seeking prompt doorstep delivery of your pet’s food, Chewy is the solution. However, newcomers might be unfamiliar with the platform’s shipping policy and wonder about their delivery times. Rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. This article is here to let you know how long does Chewy takes to ship and provide additional insights about this website.

How Long Does Chewy Take to Ship

How Long Does Chewy Take to Ship? 

The shipment preparation time for Chewy varies based on multiple factors, including your location, the number of items, and product availability. Many customers opt for free shipping to save on costs, and while delivery times may differ depending on your location, Chewy strives to deliver your order promptly. Typically, orders are shipped on the same day and arrive within 1-3 days. However, if your order includes prescription items, it may take up to 5-7 days for delivery.

Quick Answer

Chewy ships most orders on the same day but if it includes special items, it may take sometime to ship depending on your location, items, and the availability of the product.

Chewy Shipping Process


Here is the process that is followed to place an order on Chewy:

  • Place your order on the Chewy official site.
  • Once your order is placed, the processing of the order begins. This includes the packing of your order.
  • After processing, your order is shipped to you through various courier services connected with Chewy.
  • When you’re placing your order, Chewy provides you with an estimated time for the delivery of your order. This gives you an idea of when your product will be at your doorstep.

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Chewy Shipping Policy

Chewy shipping rate

In case of a prescription, it might take more time to send your order. If your order costs over $35, the shipping is free. For other orders, it’s a flat rate of $4.95 for shipping.

Chewy AutoShip Shipping Time

The AutoShip feature of Chewy is so awesome, that it never lets your pet’s food out of stock anytime. This feature allows you to set any of your orders at recurring deliveries after a period of time selected by you. The AutoShip time for these orders is general and reliable.

How Does Chewy Ship So Fast?

Well, a new subscriber will definitely think about this question. Chewy processes your orders efficiently according to your location. They have various fulfillment centers to ship your orders on time. 

Why Does Chewy Take Longer to Ship Medicine?

Medications should be taken wisely but with utmost care and that is the priority of the platform. The processing time of an order that includes medicine takes time to ship as it requires prescription approval or personalization. However, you can always rely on Chewy for the right medication shipped to you for your pet.

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Where Does Chewy Ship From?

To ship your order faster and on time, Chewy has several regional distribution and fulfillment centers across America. Some fulfillment centers are Phoenix, Ocala, Dallas, Reno, Nashville, Clayton, Dayton, Kanas City, and Archbald.

Who Does and What Method Does Chewy Use for Shipping?

Chewy is connected with various shipping carriers such as FedEx and other premium carriers. It depends on the size of your order which helps in deciding which shipping carrier will be used for your order.

How Can I Track My Chewy Order?

Once you’ve placed your order, you will get a confirmation e-mail to let you know that Chewy has received your order. Another Email will be sent to you when your order ships which involves tracking information in it. You can then easily track your order.

Chewy is the most reliable delivery site for your pet’s essentials. We hope this guide on how long does Chewy takes to ship helped answer your queries. If you are facing any doubts related to the information provided in this article, your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

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