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How Do I Delete My ReverbNation Account

Part ways with ReverbNation for a new musical chapter.

ReverbNation offers tools for artists to promote music, connect with fans, and manage their careers. However, you may consider deleting this account if you want to showcase your music on other platforms for greater exposure. This tutorial will guide you on how to delete your ReverbNation artist account and explore new opportunities for your music career.

How Do I Delete My ReverbNation Account

How Do I Delete My ReverbNation Account

To delete your ReverbNation account, follow these steps:

Quick Answer

If you want to delete your ReverbNation account, here’s what you need to do:

1. Visit the ReverbNation website and Log In.

2. Access your account Settings by hovering over your profile name.

3. Select Remove Profile and enter your current password.

4. Choose a reason for deletion and confirm.

5. Click OK to complete the process.

1. Visit the ReverbNation website on your browser.

2. Click on Log In from the top right corner.

3. Enter your Email and Password and then click on Log In.

4. Now, hover over your profile name and select Settings.

5. Click on Remove Profile.

6. Enter your current password in the given field to continue to delete your ReverbNation account.

Re-enter your Password.

7. Choose the desired reason.

Choose the Reason.

8. Click on Remove Profile.

Click on Remove Profile.

9. Then, click on OK.

It is how you can delete your ReverbNation account.

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How Do You Delete Songs from ReverbNation?

To delete songs from ReverbNation, follow these steps:

1. Access your ReverbNation account.

2. Click on Content > Songs.

Go to Content and Select Songs from the dropdown.

3. Click the Edit icon next to the desired song you want to delete.

Click the Edit option. | How Do I Delete My ReverbNation Account

4. Click on Delete Song.

Click on Delete Song.

5. Mark the acknowledgment checkboxes and click on Delete Song.

Choose the required check boxes and select Delete Song.

How Do I Delete an Artist Page?

To delete an artist page or profile on ReverbNation, follow the steps mentioned in the How Do I Delete My ReverbNation Account heading at the start of this article.

Is ReverbNation Real?

Yes, ReverbNation is a real platform. It is designed to support both known and unknown artists in their music careers. This platform offers various resources and opportunities for artist development, such as promotional tools, performance opportunities, and networking. It provides a platform for independent artists to showcase their music, connect with fans, and explore potential opportunities in the music industry.

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Is ReverbNation a Scam?

No, ReverbNation is not a scam, but it has received some negative feedback regarding customer service and various issues such as credit card problems, free trial concerns, and bank account issues. It ranks 33rd on the list of Band sites. Based on 119 reviews, it has an average rating of 1.74 stars. While this suggests areas for improvement, it does not categorize ReverbNation as a scam.

Through this article, we have provided you with a comprehensive guide on how to delete your ReverbNation account. You can now make sure that your personal information and music are no longer linked to the platform. Leave your queries or suggestions below, and check out our website for additional tutorials.

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