Hogwarts Legacy is Just Two Weeks Old but That Hasn’t Stopped it from Passing an Impressive Sales Record

Hogwarts Legacy is just two weeks old but that hasn't stopped it from passing an impressive sales record

Very few franchises can boast of having a fan following like Harry Potter. You could release a book, a movie, or a game based on the franchise and it will sell a few million copies just like that as if it’s no one’s business. Hogwarts Legacy is just two weeks old but that hasn’t stopped it from passing an impressive sales record and again it’s thanks to its huge and crazy fan following that has helped breach the milestone.

The game created by Avalanche Software in collaboration with WB Games looks like it won’t slow down anytime soon. The RPG is set in the Harry Potter Universe and it looks like that in itself was enough to bring in huge sales figures. The game easily poses as the biggest one by WB Games up to this point if the recent sales figures are to be believed. Hogwarts Legacy is just two weeks old but that hasn’t stopped it from passing an impressive sales record nor has it stopped the game from smashing various other records on Steam or otherwise.

Hogwarts Legacy is just two weeks old but that hasnt stopped it from passing an impressive sales record

Hogwarts Legacy already broke the record of being the most-watched single-player game on Twitch and so the mammoth sale figures may not have come as a surprise, however, after that, it went on to become the biggest WB Games title on Stream as no less than 4,89,139 players played the game simultaneously. But it didn’t stop there as well and now it has become a massive sensation on all platforms.

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The way Hogwarts Legacy is performing is outpacing the RPG Elden Ring which was released last year but only just crossed the 20 million unit sales figure. David Haddad who is the company president shared some more numbers to put the success of the game into perspective.

  • The game has been played for a combined total of more than 267 million hours in its two weeks of release.
  • 1.25 billion dark wizards have been defeated in the game while 393 million magical plants have been grown and 242 million magical potions have been brewed.

It’s been less than a month since the game was released and it has gotten WB Games 850 million dollars in global sales, a figure that is expected to grow further. The gigantic figure has been achieved by selling an eye-watering 12 million units of the game in two weeks on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. The launch is Warner Bros. Discovery’s biggest on a global brand level and it will only grow as more consoles get the game to run on their platforms.

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David expects the game to be a long-term franchise that will grow more in success as and when it launches on pending platforms like PlayStation 4 and a few other consoles. It’s too quick to talk about a sequel and so naturally there is no statement from the developers but fans already expect a follow-up game.

Avalanche Software have made clear that they currently have no plans for bringing any sort of downloadable content or multiplayer element to the game presently. But that didn’t stop fans from making their contributions to the game as players have been adding their multiplayer mods to the game. Such is the excitement around the game that fans of Harry Potter are even expecting a Hogwarts Legacy TV show to release which at this point is no more than a rumor.

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