Hinge Vs. Tinder: Which Dating App is Better?

Hinge Vs. Tinder: Which Dating App is Better?

There are various online dating applications from which you can date a person according to your choice. You can get many online dating apps for your Android phone, but selecting any dating app might be confusing, and you won’t know which app will suit you. If you are finding your partner according to your choices, it is better to find it from online dating apps like Hinge, Tinder, Bumble, etc. But they all have different features, and they all are made for different purposes. Tinder is one of the best-known popular apps, but it doesn’t mean it is good for you. Hinge is also a popular app and gives competition to Tinder, but they both have different purposes for dating. Many people want to date a person but don’t know how does Hinge work, and many are confused about which is a good dating app between Hinge Vs. Tinder. Read until the end to learn about Hinge Vs. Tinder ease of use and difference between Bumble Vs. Tinder Vs. Hinge.

Hinge Vs. Tinder: Which Dating App is Better?

Hinge Vs. Tinder: Which Dating App is Better?

You will get to know what the difference is between Hinge Vs. Tinder and Hinge Vs. Tinder ease of use. Keep reading to learn more about how does Hinge work in detail.

What is Online Dating Application Hinge?

Hinge is a popular online dating app, and it advertises itself as the only dating app designed to be deleted. That means Hinge is created for people who want serious relationships, not flings. But as we see, Hinge is not so much different from its competitors like Tinder and Bumble. Hinge is an online dating mobile application that shows the profile of other people with their pictures. And if the first person likes the picture or profile of the others, they may talk to them on the chat box. Otherwise, they can reject them also.

Hinge has some unique features like:

  • Prompts, short-type questions that make your profile flair.
  • Standouts, your compatible matches list.
  • From Hinge, you can like a specific part of the profile.
  • Here you can like and reject the person.

Hinge official site

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How does Hinge Work?

Hinge is an easy-to-install app for free use on iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

  • You can use Hinge for free but for upgrades, you need to pay.
  • After installing the app, it will ask for sign up and you have to provide the standard information like your name, age, email, DOB, and location.
  • You can also add additional information about your religion, height, skin color, political beliefs, etc.

The most important part of Hinge appears as prompts. In this, you need to give answers like your interest and life. You need to give three answers and they will show on your profile. You can also replace the prompts question at any time. You can discover users in these three places:

  • Standouts Feed
  • Discover Feed
  • Likes You Feed

Here at Hinge, you can see the profiles of users according to your choices, you can tap on the like or pass button on any profile, and if you want to start the conversion from any user you can comment on the profile picture or you can start the conversation through prompts also.

Hinge App Install Page ease of use

It is how does Hinge work. Keep reading to learn what is the difference between Hinge Vs. Tinder Vs. Bumble and Hinge Vs. Tinder ease of use.

What is Online Dating Application Tinder?

Tinder is created for all types of users. It is developed for serious and non-serious (flings) relationships. You can also install Tinder and use it for something that is not serious. It is a well-known application for Hook-ups and it is famous for easy to set all profiles according to your preferences. If you are finding serious relationships, testing people, or just playing, etc you can easily find the best user results in your app.

Some of the best features of Tinder are:

  • Unlimited right and left swipes
  • Unlimited likes
  • You can do conversations with other users before getting into a match.
  • You can do Blind Dates as well.

Tinder official site | Hinge Vs. Tinder ease of use

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How Does Tinder Work?

Many people ask how does Tinder work, as they want to explore and want some perfect matches according to their wishes.

  • Tinder Application is also easy to install and you can download it free of cost from iOS App Store and Google Play Store both.
  • Tinder is well known for Hook-up apps and it provides you to use it for free, but there are some premium tiers: Plus, Gold, and Platinum. In these, you need to pay some charge for finding additional features that will help you in dating people or searching for the more perfect user.
  • For using Tinder, you just need to install it on your Phone and sign up with a new account.
  • It will ask for your name, age, gender, Location, Distance, and Gender preference. You just need to provide some of the standard information. And after the very next moment, your profile is ready you can swipe it and search for your match.

Tinder App Install Page

What is Online Dating Application Bumble?

Bumble is an online dating application that is known for putting women in control. The app is used by people who have gone bored with hook-up relations and want a serious relationship. The app motive is just like the Hinge app, and it is free to use as Tinder and Hinge both. According to an active report it is used by 42 million people around the world for searching for a good partner.

There are some unique features in Bumble:

  • It allows women to send the message first.
  • It prevents women from men, whom she doesn’t like to talk or prevents bombarded messages.
  • Before a match, men can’t send a message.
  • The match expires after 24 hours.

Bumble official site

How Does Bumble Work?

You can Download the Bumble from Google Play Store and iOS App Store as it is free of cost. After installing you just need to do is make a new account by signing up and giving some information like Name, Age, Birthday, Zodiac sign, height, political affiliation, etc. You can also fill in the prompts, and then done your profile is ready, you can use it anytime.

Bumble App install page

Read below to learn about Hinge Vs. Tinder ease of use.

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Bumble Vs. Tinder Vs. Hinge: Which is Better?

Here we are going to do a comparison between Bumble Vs. Tinder Vs. Hinge, and people can choose dating apps according to their choices.







Type of Relationships


It is for serious relationships. It is created for Hook-up, serious both types of relations. It is created for serious relations and keeps women as a priority and put women in control.
Who Can Message First Hinge allows men and women both to start conversations and send messages first. Tinder also allows men and women both to send the message first. Bumble allows women to send the message first and prevent them from being bombarded with messages.
Expires Match after Some Time No, Hinge doesn’t expire match, whenever you want to reply can. No, Tinder also doesn’t expire any match in the Hinge Vs. Tinder comparison. Yes, Bumble expires the match after 24 hours, if you don’t reply.
Free to Install Yes, Hinge is free to download. Yes, Tinder is also free to install. Yes, Bumble is also free to install.
Has Bio or About me section Yes, Hinge has a bio section where you can add some of your qualities that will flair your profile. No, Tinder doesn’t have any bio or about me section. No, Bumble also doesn’t have any about me and the bio section.
Can You Change the Location? No, you can’t change the location. No, Tinder also doesn’t allow you to change location. No, Bumble also doesn’t allow you to change location.
Make Use of Facebook Login No, you can’t connect to Facebook Yes, you can connect to Facebook. No, you cannot connect to Facebook.
Active User 20 million people use Hinge for free and 8,00,000 plus people use it with premiums. More than 75 million people. More than 45 million people.
Ease of Use Yes, Hinge is easy to use, as you just need to make a profile and get started with a swipe. Yes, Tinder is also easy to use but in this, you need to make a profile and have to give answers, that is called prompts. Yes, Bumble is also easy to use, and get started with swipe up.

So, those who want hook-up can choose Tinder, those who want serious relationships can go with Hinge, and those who want to give priority to women and wants serious relations too can choose Bumble. And if anyone wants to compare Bumble Vs. Tinder Vs. Hinge can read the above table. Also, read from the start to learn how does Hinge, Tinder, and Bumble work.


We hope that you learned the difference between Hinge Vs. Tinder and Hinge Vs. Tinder ease of use. You also learned how does Hinge work. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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