Hey Disney! Voice Assistant Now Available on US Echo Devices – Disney Magic in Your Home!

The much anticipated Hey Disney! voice assistant is now available on US Echo devices, bringing the beloved world of Disney into the homes of fans across the country. This innovative collaboration between Disney and Amazon promises an immersive and magical experience for both children and adults alike.

Hey Disney!’ Voice Assistant Now Available on US Echo Devices - Disney Magic in Your Home!

Initially announced at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2023, the “Hey Disney!” voice assistant has since undergone limited release at select Disney resorts, captivating visitors with its interactive features. Now, it’s available for purchase in the US through the Alexa Skills Store, either as a standalone subscription for $5.99 per month or as part of an Amazon Kids+ subscription.

With the “Hey Disney!” voice assistant, users can embark on an enchanting journey with their favorite Disney characters, engaging in conversations, games, and even musical experiences. Imagine asking questions about Disney movies, TV shows, or characters, and receiving insightful and entertaining responses straight from the magical realm of Disney.

To activate the custom Disney voice assistant on your Amazon Echo device, simply say, Alexa, introduce me to Hey Disney. This will switch the wake word to Hey Disney, allowing you to interact with the voice assistant seamlessly. To learn more about its features within the Alexa ecosystem, say, Hey Disney, start the magic.

The voice assistant leverages the power of the Alexa Custom Assistant platform, seamlessly integrating with Amazon’s renowned voice assistant technology. However, what truly sets “Hey Disney!” apart is its use of Disney’s extensive library of character voices and original recordings. Whether it’s Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, or Buzz Lightyear, users will be astounded by the authenticity and charm of the voices that bring their beloved characters to life.

Beyond the enchantment of Disney, the “Hey Disney!” voice assistant remains a practical addition to any household. Users can rely on the voice assistant to assist with daily tasks, from setting timers and making lists to controlling smart home devices.

Note: The “Hey Disney!” voice assistant is currently available exclusively in the United States. Please check for device compatibility before purchase.

The “Hey Disney!” voice assistant is compatible with select Echo devices, ensuring that users can easily access its features throughout their homes. Simply utter the command, “Hey Disney!” and watch as your Echo device comes alive with the wonders of Disney.

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