Greywing Launches SeaGPT, an AI Chatbot to Assist Maritime Crew Managers

Greywing, a leading maritime technology company, has recently announced the launch of SeaGPT, an AI chatbot designed to assist maritime crew managers. The innovative technology utilizes natural language processing to provide crew managers with real-time support and is meant for communication with port agents. With the ability to learn and adapt, SeaGPT is set to revolutionize the way crew managers approach their responsibilities and enhance the overall safety and productivity of maritime operations.

Greywing launches SeaGPT, an AI chatbot to assist maritime crew managers

Greywing, a maritime intelligence platform based in Singapore, has launched an AI chatbot called SeaGPT. It will assist shipping companies in overcoming communication challenges with port agencies and making crew changes more efficient.

Maritime crew managers often have to deal with immigration regulations, COVID requirements, and travel plans for each person every time a crew member joins or leaves. This can lead to an overwhelming number of emails sent across multiple time zones. SeaGPT aims to simplify this process by automating emails related to port agency communication.

SeaGPT is primarily meant for communication with port agents, but Greywing plans to develop it further to simplify communication between agents, seafarers, and masters to assist Maritime Crew Managers. The new AI chatbot will help simplify the process of interfacing with large numbers of port agents while planning a port call. Greywing aims to reduce the amount of work vessel operators need to do while preparing for a voyage.

With the advancement of AI, we are experiencing a variety of its uses across platforms. From AI Clock that uses ChatGPT to tell time in a poetic form to having conversations with fictional and historical characters, if AI isn’t everywhere then soon it will be.

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