Grammarly Introduces its New AI Generative Tool

Grammarly introduces its new AI Generative tool

Communication is the key to success, and nobody understands it like Grammarly does. Grammarly has been improving the way people communicate with their real-time spelling and grammar-checking tool, now they are taking it a step further. Grammarly introduces its new AI Generative tool which will be available to most users in April

Grammarly introduces its new AI Generative tool

In a blog post by Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Global Head of Product at Grammarly on 9th March 2023 Grammarly announced their new AI generative tool. The blog stated, “With GrammarlyGO, we’ll be changing the way people and businesses communicate and get work done by accelerating productivity where writing happens.”

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What makes GrammarlyGO unique?

GrammarlyGO is uniquely positioned to deliver a personalized, high-quality generative AI experience. It goes beyond standard generative AI by producing text that is specifically relevant and effective for each customer.

  • Create using unique context: It will help you create high-quality writing by understanding your personal and organizational context, writing style, and goals.
  • Personalize your voice: It lets you set your preferred voice and a professional role, so the writing it generates is personalized.
  • Use suggested prompts to guide writing: GrammarlyGO uses unique context to suggest relevant prompts for jumpstarting or improving writing. It also offers prompts that will help you shorten, simplify, or improve the generated text.
  • Work securely, with generative AI you can trust: It has high standards for enterprise data security, user privacy, and responsible AI.
  • Write faster, in the flow of work: Speed up the composition in existing workflows and reduce time spent on revisions, so teams can focus on high-value work.

In another blog post on 1st February 2023, Rahul Roy-Chowdhury said, “AI is successful when it augments humans—their intelligence, strengths, and desire to be understood. That’s why we fundamentally think of our responsible approach to building with AI as augmented intelligence—anchoring on the idea that AI uses human, not “artificial,” knowledge to enhance our capabilities and help us grow.” GrammarlyGO will hopefully stay true to their augmented intelligence philosophy.

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GrammarlyGO will be available to people with a Premium subscription as soon as it goes live. People with Business and education accounts will have access to beta launch. It will also be available to people with free version of Grammarly but in Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and United States, with more countries to be added soon. Stay tuned with TechCult to keep yourself updated on everything AI and tech.

Source: Grammarly blog

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