Google Takes on AI Powered Rivals with New Search Engine

In a move that has sent shockwaves through the tech world, Google takes on AI-powered rivals with a new search engine powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The move comes in response to the threat posed by AI powered competitors such as Microsoft’s Bing, which recently added new technology to its search engine and added image generation capabilities with AI.

Google Takes on AI Powered Rivals with New Search Engine

Modernizing its search engine has become an obsession at Google, and the planned changes could put new A.I. technology in phones and homes all over the world. Lara Levin, a Google spokeswoman, made a statement that said, “not every brainstorm deck or product idea leads to a launch, but as we’ve said before, we’re excited about bringing new A.I.-powered features to search, and will share more details soon.”

The new search engine, known as Magi, will offer users a far more personalized experience than Google’s current service, attempting to anticipate users’ needs. The features are being created by designers, engineers, and executives working in “sprint rooms” to tweak and test the latest versions.

Billions of people use Google’s search engine every day for everything from finding restaurants and directions to understanding a medical diagnosis. Changes to it would have a significant impact on the lives of ordinary people, and until recently it was hard to imagine anything challenging it.

But A.I.-powered competitors such as ChatGPT from OpenAI, which is working with Microsoft, have demonstrated the potential to disrupt the search engine market. With their new plugins, ChatGPT can now connect to the internet emphasizing now more than ever that Google needs to buckle up.

As the race to build the next generation of search engines heats up, one thing is clear: Google is not taking any chances when it comes to defending its dominance in the market.

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