Google Rolled Back a Gmail Notification Tweak Following Backlash

Google recently introduced an update to its Gmail icon shade in the notification, however, in an interesting turn of events the company quickly rolled back the tweak following a backlash from the users.

Google Rolled Back a Gmail Notification Tweak Following Backlash

Although Google attempted to bring a dynamic theme for Gmail, the plan backfired when users were not able to see their unread emails. Users took to Reddit posts to voice their concerns over the new update. Following the outrage, Google decided to go back to its classic theme.

Many news outlets reported that a new update (v2023.06.11.x) for the Gmail app is being rolled out, which will be bringing the red Gmail icon to the notification panel. Although the company did not make any formal statements on this issue, it is apparent that the upset users were the biggest factor in the development.

Red Gmail icon in the notification panel

Previously, Google had introduced Material You, a unified design language that was brought in with Android 12. The technology is centered to make Google services more aesthetically appealing for users. Material You design extracts colors from the part of your phone that you have the most control over such as the wallpaper for your Android device, and makes the app interface more appealing. Material You is one of the most personalized design languages right now.

Many users found Material You designs more appealing as it fits well with their personal style and aesthetic. However, for professionals, the new design turned out to be a big inconvenience. Although generally new designs received praise from tech enthusiasts and users alike, this particular case dwindled between the visual appeal and practicality of Gmail notifications.

For now, Google has rolled back Gmail notification tweaks following a major backlash from Reddit users. However, it is not clear if the classic Gmail design will remain, or if the tech giant has something entirely new for its users.

Source: Reddit Thread

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