Google Play Books Introduces Reading Practice Feature to Help Kids Build Reading Skills

Google has unveiled an exciting addition to its Google Play Books platform as it introduces the “Reading Practice” feature to help kids build reading skills. With the launch of this feature, designed specifically for children aged 0-8, Google aims to provide young readers with a powerful tool for independent vocabulary development and comprehension enhancement. This innovative feature for reading skills is now available on the Google Play Books Android app and Google Kids Space in the United States.

Google Play Books Introduces Reading Practice Feature to Help Kids Build Reading Skills

Key Features of Reading Practice

The Reading Practice feature offers a variety of tools that enable young readers to actively engage with the text and develop their reading abilities. Let’s take a closer look at these features:

1. Tracking Reading Position: Children can track their progress within the book as they read out loud, with the text being highlighted to indicate their current position. This feature helps them focus on the next word and maintain their reading flow.

2. Pronunciation Assistance: When encountering unfamiliar words, children can simply tap on them to hear the correct pronunciation. This helps them overcome pronunciation challenges and boosts their confidence in reading aloud.

3. Syllable Breakdown: With a quick tap, readers can hear individual words broken down into syllables. This feature helps them understand the structure and pronunciation of longer or more complex words.

4. Listening to Complete Sentences: To provide a better understanding of context, new readers have the option to listen to entire sentences being read aloud. This feature encourages comprehension and helps children grasp the meaning of words in context.

5. Child-Friendly Word Definitions: By tapping on a word, children can access child-friendly definitions, either in written form or through audio. This feature promotes vocabulary expansion and facilitates a deeper understanding of the text.

6. Setting Reading Positions: Readers can easily update their reading position by tapping on any word. This feature allows them to start tracking their progress from a specific word, making it convenient to resume reading sessions later.

7. Practice Challenging Words: At the end of each page, children are provided with the option to practice words they skipped or had difficulty pronouncing. This feature encourages active learning and reinforces word recognition skills.

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Finding Books with Reading Practice

Google Play Books offers various ways to discover books with the Reading Practice feature:

  • A hand-picked collection of kid-friendly reads with Reading Practice can be found on Google Play Books, including some free options.
  • Thousands of English language books for younger readers are designated with Reading Practice, indicated by a “Practice” badge on the book detail page.
  • Users can utilize the “Reading practice” filter in Google Play Books to specifically search for ebooks that offer Reading Practice, narrowing down their choices.

With this innovative addition from Google Play Books that introduce the Reading Practice feature to help kids build reading skills, it aims to support and inspire young learners on their path to becoming confident readers.

Source: Google Blog

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