Google News Finally Gets a Revamp with Material You

With Google I/O 2023 just around the corner, the tech giant seems to fulfill the promises it made two years back. It is the Material You design that is being rolled out to revamp the Google News Platform.

Google News Finally Gets a Revamp with Material You

In May 2021, during the I/O Conference, Google unveiled its new design system called “Material You”. The aim of this system is to encompass all of Google’s products and ecosystems. Since then, the tech giant has added this new aesthetic to a range of its products including Gmail and Gboard.

Though there aren’t some huge changes in the interface as such. The bottom bar is home to four tabs that are named For you, Headlines, Following, and Newsstand. A blue-colored accent pill shape is being used for now to indicate which tab are you currently on. Also, there seems to be no sign of Dynamic colors for now.

Google News For you page | Google News Finally Gets a Revamp with Material You

The changes on Google platforms too have been quite paced recently as it experiments new play store ad slot that must be meant for developers to advertise their apps. Also, it is constantly making efforts to increase security on its platforms with plans to add end-to-end encryption to the Authenticator app and its constant attacks on cybercriminals.

Material You is basically a design system that effortlessly adapts to your unique style and preferences, spanning every touchpoint where you interact. Whether it’s choosing wallpaper or customizing your interface, Android OS can intuitively update combinations across your entire device.

Moreover, Material You can automatically extract primary and complementary colors from your device, infusing them across every screen, UI component, and Google app, creating a harmonious and personalized experience that’s uniquely yours.

There are also some changes to the tablet design with the navigation pane on the left side as was the case with Gmail Material You design. Moreover, with the removal of borders in content, the images look bigger and more appealing to the eyes.

The recent rollouts to Google News may be a sign of something new coming up as the annual congregation of Google is almost here. Here the giant is expected to launch some of the most amazing additions, most importantly of AI, to its all products. So, stay tuned to TechCult to be the first one to know about every feature being launched in Google I/O 2023.

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