Google Meet Rolls Out 360-Degree Virtual Backgrounds For Video Calls

What if we say you can now antic your colleague by connecting to him over Google Meet and pretending to show him that you are on a beach with booze, reapplying your sunscreen while he is dealing with the Monday blues? Google’s video conference and communication service, Google Meet rolls out 360-degree virtual backgrounds for video calls. The new 360-degree virtual backgrounds for iOS and Android users.

Google Meet Rolls Out 360-Degree Virtual Backgrounds For Video Calls

Meet users on mobile can use several new 360-degree video backgrounds. These backgrounds—which include a beach and a temple—use your device’s gyroscope to create a dynamic experience that moves with you. are tend to change the dynamically as the user moves his or her device and depending upon the position the device is held at,” reads a blog post in Google Workspace Updates.

With the use of gyroscope sensors present in a smartphone, the screen will mirror your movements and the virtual background applied around you will move when you move the device. Currently, there is a beach and a temple shown to be included in the default backgrounds list, while we presume there are surely more to it as the post reads the word ‘several new 360-degree backgrounds.’

Allow us to remind you that Google announced the initiation of emoji reactions and 360-degree virtual backgrounds last month. Post mid of this month, users witnessed the tech giant finally rolling out its new virtual experience, in hopes that Google Meet will now uplift people’s meeting experience to a higher notch.

In order to increase the usability of the service, to their delight Google has worked diligently to add more user-requested features over time. Last month, Google started to roll out emoji reactions that include the heart, a thumbs-up, party popper and clap, cry, thinking and a few more.

The background feature would be available for both Google Workspace users and users with personal Google Accounts. Current backgrounds available on Google Meet prior to the release of the dynamic shifting backgrounds include standard wallpapers, a blur effect, B&W, Sepia shade backgrounds, etc. New additions extend their routes from their static backgrounds to motion backgrounds. It is undeniably true that this feature is absolutely cool and would work fine for casual conversations and communications carried out between friends and family. However, from an organizational perspective, these can baffle a lot and hence would be unsuitable for serious conferences due to the fact that the accompanying backgrounds will change with every movement in the user’s device detected by the sensor.

Let us not forget that Google Meet collection has already raised objections towards some of its controversial Snapchat-inspired filters, which could turn one into a cat or make it look like one has just popped their face into a strawberry.

Additionally, the tech giant also launched an update in which interactive widgets like checkboxes, radio buttons, and drop-downs in Chat app cards can be included by developers. So, quick modification of information like changing the assignee on a task card or changing the due date sent from Chat apps would be possible now.

While we have mixed thoughts about the plans the team Google Meet has for the future and who are their targeted customers, we are also eager to know your views over Google Meet rolls out 360-degree virtual backgrounds for video calls. You can ‘Meet’ us in the comment box.

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Source: Google Workspace Updates

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