Google May Face Justice Department Lawsuit for Unfair Dominance

The US Justice Department seems prepared to file an Antitrust Lawsuit against Google, alleging that the California-based multinational tech firm has an unfair monopoly on the digital advertising sector. The issue plainly illustrates the increase in legal pressure upon one of the largest internet-based corporations in the world under President Biden. Hence, its clear that Google may face first antitrust complaint and another Justice Department lawsuit against a tech behemoth for unfair dominance.

google search Google May Face Justice Department Lawsuit for Unfair Dominance

The complaint claimed that by waging a systematic campaign to acquire control of the vast array of high-tech tools used by publishers, advertisers, and brokers to conduct digital advertising, Google had stifled legitimate competition in the ad tech sector and corrupted it. The lawsuit sought the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia to order Google to relinquish its suite of ad technology products. The anticipated lawsuit comes as the Justice Department, the EU, the UK, and Congress work to control Big Tech. The American Innovation and Choice Online Act, presented by the US Senate, would limit the power of Apple, Google, and Amazon in online marketplace.

This comes after Google went under mass criticism for an effort to resolve a current antitrust probe by the European Union without having to pay a significant punishment, with claims that they reportedly proposed to permit third-party ad networks on YouTube. According to Justice Department officials, their broader plan to execute the nation’s antitrust laws more aggressively is reflected in this historic litigation. Vanita Gupta, Associate Attorney General, claimed that the Google lawsuit was brought to achieve economic justice and that the company’s digital advertising methods swallowed up publishers’ income for their profit.

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In its case, United States Department of Justice, requests that the court order Google to sell off its advertising operations citing unfair dominance under this lawsuit backed by eight states, including New York, California, Connecticut, and Virginia.

Source: Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta Delivers Remarks on Lawsuit Against Google for Monopolizing Digital Advertising Technologies

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