Google Maps Launches Immersive View in Five Cities

Google has launched a new update to Google Maps, which plans to make the navigation application much more immersive and intuitive for users. Google announced on 08 February 2023, in their Google Live from Paris event that Google Maps launches immersive view in five cities.

Google Maps launches Immersive View in five cities

Google Maps’s new update with the immersive view will be introduced in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Google introduced the immersive view update with Google Maps in May 2022. Google aims to provide a deeper understanding of a city for visitors. In the coming time, Google also plans to launch the immersive view update in more cities.

The immersive view features billions of Street Views and aerial images and creates a digital model of the world. It also layers information and put it on top of the digital model, these layers include information such as weather, road traffic, and how busy or crowded a location may be at a given time. A user can use the Immersive View feature to get information on nearby restaurants, and other landmarks.

Google has also announced that they will be introducing a “glanceable directions feature for Android and iOS devices. The feature lets users track their journeys right from their lock screen or route overview. Users will also be able to see the updated ETAs and directions for where to take turns in the route. The Glanceable Directions feature will be available for users whenever they use the application, no matter whether they are driving, hiking, biking, or walking.

Google also plans to expand the Search with Live View feature in some European cities. This feature helps you locate essential services around you such as shops, ATMs, and restaurants. Google had previously launched Search with Live View feature in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

In 2021, Google also introduced an Indoor Live View feature that lets you locate essential areas in airports such as restrooms, lounges, parking, taxi stands, etc. Now, Google is trying to expand this feature to more cities. Google is also developing new features for EVs that have inbuilt Google Maps. These features will help users easily locate the nearest charging stations.

As Google Maps launches Immersive View in five cities, the new updates give users a promising Maps experience and make exploring much more fun.

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Source: Google Blog

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