Google Launches Privacy Sandbox Beta on Android 13 Devices

Google has finally released the long-awaited Privacy Sandbox beta feature for a limited number of Android 13 devices. The feature is designed to help users and developers experience “new solutions” in the real world. Google launches Privacy Sandbox beta on Android 13 devices after introducing the Privacy Sandbox for Android in 2022 as an “industry-wide initiative to raise the bar for user privacy and ensure continued access to free content and services.”

Google Launches Privacy Sandbox Beta on Android 13 Devices

The Privacy Sandbox initiative was first launched by Google in 2020 and was designed to limit user data sharing with digital advertising and impact cross-app identifiers. In a blog post shared by Google, the company stated, “Today, we’re entering the next phase of this initiative, rolling out the first Beta for the Privacy Sandbox on Android to eligible devices. With the beta, users, and developers will be able to experience and evaluate these new solutions in the real world.”

The Privacy Sandbox Beta does not provide new APIs that don’t use identifiers to track user activities across different applications and websites. It will now depend on individual applications that are part of the beta program to show relevant ads and measure the customer response to the ads.

The feature will also give users options to be part of the beta experiment, these settings can be modified in the Privacy Sandbox settings. Google also explains that before creating the feature, the company took feedback from various other companies on its designs and other features before finalizing the final design. The list of companies that were part of this includes names like Samsung, OnePlus, Vivo, etc.

The news that Google launches privacy Sandbox beta on Android 13 devices comes weeks after Google Fi confirmed a breach that was connected to a third-party system.

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Source: Google Blog

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