Google is Killing off Album Archive from July 2023

Following the ending of the support for the first-generation Chromecast, now the Album is the latest in the line of products that are getting shut down by the tech giant. Google is now sending emails to their users informing them that it is killing off Album Archives from July 2023, and asking them to back up their content with Google Takeout to prevent data loss.

Google is Killing off Album Archive from July 2023

Google had previously let go of Hangouts in favor of Google Chat. However, some of the shared images and services remained on Album Archives. But now the company has decided to shut it down completely. The official Google Archive page also reads a message sharing that the service will be discontinued from July 2023.

The message on the website reads, “Photos and videos you see here will no longer be available after July 19, 2023. You can use Takeout to download these items before then.” In the email sent by the company, it specified that “content that’s only available in Album Archive” will be removed from the Album Archives.

Album Archive page

The email states that the data potentially affected includes Google Hangouts data stored in Album Archive and background images uploaded through the Gmail theme picker before 2018. Additionally, small thumbnail photos, album comments, and likes stored in Album Archive may also be deleted.

The Album Archive page provides a gallery view of the images or videos you have sent using older Google services throughout the years. If there are any important images you wish to retain, you can use Takeout to receive a download link via email or transfer them to cloud services such as Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, or Dropbox.

It is important to note that Google Takeout download links generated through email are only valid for seven days. Additionally, Workspace users will need admin approval to download data.

As the news that Google is killing off Album Archive in July 2023 broke out, many users started finding convenient methods to download and store their images. A Google Support Page mentioned Blogger, Google Account, Google Photos, and Google Chat as feasible options.

Source: Album Archives page

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