Google’s ‘Indian Languages Programme’: Empowering Local News Publishers

In a significant move to bolster the news industry in India, Google has announced the launch of its groundbreaking initiative, the ‘Indian Languages Programme.’ This program aims to provide vital support to small and medium-sized news organizations across the country that produce original news content in nine languages. By offering training, technical assistance, and funding, Google aims to empower local news publishers and enhance the accessibility and quality of news in India.

Google's 'Indian Languages Programme': Empowering Local News Publishers

Expanding Local News Reach

Google’s ‘Indian Languages Programme’ has been designed to assist local news publishers in reaching a wider audience and facilitating the growth of their businesses. By providing training on various aspects of digital publishing, audience engagement, and revenue generation, Google aims to equip publishers with the necessary skills to thrive in the digital era.

Diverse Language Support

Recognizing the linguistic diversity of India, Google’s program will cater to news publishers producing content in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Marathi. By including these languages, Google aims to ensure that news in India is accessible to a broader range of readers and viewers.

Investment in Journalism

As part of its broader commitment to supporting the news industry in India, Google has already initiated several programs. Notable among these are Google News Showcase, which remunerates publishers for high-quality content, and the GNI Advertising Lab, which offers training and assistance to enhance advertising revenue. The ‘Indian Languages Programme’ will build upon these efforts, providing funding to help publishers cover critical stories and invest in new projects.

Promoting an Informed Society

Google believes that supporting local news publishers through this program will contribute to building an informed society. By empowering news organizations to reach a wider audience and produce high-quality content, Google aims to foster a vibrant news landscape that caters to diverse information needs.

The Indian Languages Programme by Google is open to all eligible news organizations in India. Publishers interested in participating can visit the Google News Initiative website to apply. This presents an excellent opportunity for news publishers to benefit from Google’s expertise, resources, and commitment to supporting the Indian news industry.

This ambitious program reaffirms Google’s commitment to supporting the news industry and promoting high-quality journalism in India.

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