Google DeepMind is The Next Big Step in AI Development

The team behind AlphaGo, Transformers, and AlphaFold is joining forces with Google to build more capable and responsible AI. Google DeepMind is The Next Big Step in AI Development. Google is stepping up its AI game with the creation of Google DeepMind, a unit that will bring together two of the company’s top research groups.

Google DeepMind is The Next Big Step in AI Development

Google has announced the creation of a new unit, called Google DeepMind, aimed at accelerating the development of general artificial intelligence (AI) systems. The unit will bring together two of Google’s leading research groups in the field: the Brain team from Google Research and DeepMind. The collective accomplishments of these teams over the past decade include breakthroughs such as AlphaGo, Transformers, and AlphaFold. The creation of Google DeepMind comes after Google CEO raised concerns about the importance of regulating artificial intelligence (AI). It will enable the company to build more capable systems in a responsible manner.

As part of this move, Demis Hassabis, co-founder of DeepMind, has been appointed as CEO of Google DeepMind, and will lead the development of the company’s most capable and responsible general AI systems. Meanwhile, Jeff Dean, head of Google’s AI division, will take on the elevated role of Google’s Chief Scientist and serve as Chief Scientist to both Google Research and Google DeepMind. In this capacity, Dean will work alongside Hassabis to help set the future direction of AI research and head up critical and strategic technical projects related to AI.

Google Research will continue its important work in leading fundamental advances in computer science across a range of areas, including algorithms and theory, privacy and security, quantum computing, health, climate and sustainability, and responsible AI. James Manyika will oversee Google Research, along with his existing Tech & Society teams.

The creation of Google DeepMind underscores the company’s commitment to developing AI in a responsible manner and will help to accelerate progress towards the development of increasingly capable and responsible AI systems that can help people reach their full potential. We are hoping that this accountability towards AI will extend towards the New Search Engine that they are planning to launch.

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