Google Classroom Introduces Visit a Class Feature to Enhance Collaboration

In an exciting development for educators and support staff, Google Classroom has introduced a new feature called Visit a Class. This feature aims to revolutionize the way education leaders provide support to teachers, manage substitutes, and monitor student progress within the Google Classroom platform. Starting today, designated users can access classes temporarily, without the need for permanent co-teacher assignments.

Google Introduces Visit a Class Feature in Google Classroom to Enhance Collaboration

Previously, education leaders and support staff had to be added as permanent co-teachers in Google Classroom, leading to unnecessary notifications and homepage clutter. However, with the introduction of Visit a Class, these individuals can now enjoy a more streamlined experience while still being able to assist educators effectively.

The new feature grants permissioned users the ability to access classes, post announcements, view student profiles, and perform other essential tasks without the requirement of a permanent co-teacher role. This flexibility empowers principals, department heads, school counselors, curriculum leaders, administrative assistants, coaches, mentors, and IT admins to support teachers and students more efficiently.

To ensure seamless implementation, Super Admins retain full control over who gains access to the Visit a Class feature and which classes they can visit. Super Admins can exercise discretion in designating individuals or groups within the organization and customize access based on specific needs.

End users, upon the activation of the Manage Classes privilege by their administrators, can easily search for classes directly from the Classroom homepage. Once a class is selected, users will be prompted to notify the teacher, providing transparency and clarity regarding the purpose of their visit.

The rollout of the “Visit a Class” feature will occur gradually over the course of 15 days, starting on June 12, 2023. This staggered release allows Google Classroom to ensure a smooth and seamless integration for users worldwide.

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It is important to note that users must have a Google Workspace for Education Plus license assigned to them to access this feature, further emphasizing Google’s commitment to providing advanced tools and features to educational institutions.

With the introduction of Visit a Class, Google Classroom has taken a significant step toward enhancing collaboration and support within the platform.

By offering temporary access to education leaders and support staff, this feature minimizes distractions and streamlines workflows, ultimately fostering a more efficient and effective educational environment.

Source: Google Workspace Blog

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