Google Chat Launches Feature to Quote previous Message

Google Chat has just launched a feature that will let users quote previous messages. The new feature allows users to quote previous messages in their replies, making it easier to maintain context and clarity in conversations.

Google Chat Launches Feature to Quote previous Message

By using message quoting, individuals can easily reference earlier messages within the main message stream, as opposed to in-line threading where responses are displayed in a separate thread. This functionality aims to enhance communication by enabling users to maintain a clearer and more organized conversation thread.

Lately Google has been coming up with new features for its products on a daily basis. The last of these amazing releases was the launch of the blue checkmark to its Gmail service. This was done by adding an extra layer of security called BIMI which was launched in 2021.

How to Quote Previous Message in Google Chat?

1. Open Google Chat on your PC.

2. Open a chat from which you want to quote a message.

3. Hover over the message until options appear.

4. From the available options, click on Quote in reply.

5. Enter your reply in the chat box below.

6. Click on the Send icon.

Though this feature to quote previous message has been launched by Google Chat, the rollout pace is a little slow therefore it would take at least 15 days for feature availability.

Source: Google Workspace

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